Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Authentic Credentials: Carole Anne Carr

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It is seldom that someone’s credentials impress me.  I myself have a rather short list, but the list is fine.  When considering a book purchase, I always flip the book over and start to read the author’s credentials.
“Start to read” is the key phrase, for I always experience MEGO: my eyes glaze over*.
However, I would like to introduce the reader to one whose credentials have humbled me, and made me wish I were like her.
Carole Anne Carr:  Children’s Author

  • B.Ed.Hons.(PrimaryEd),
  • Dip.Ed.(Medieval History),
  • HDTheology,
  • HD.Child.Lit.(Open),
  • Office of Reader - Church of England (WEMTC),
  • Member of The Society of Authors, Nat. Assoc. of Writers in Education,
  • National Children’s University (Shropshire),
  • Society of Storytelling,
  • Women in Rural Business,
  • Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, W.I. Speaker
  • Author of First Wolf, Little Boy Good-for-Nothing and the Shongololo, Candle Dark, Thin Time, River Dark

Carole Anne Carr has produced some fascinating children’s literature.  Living near historic Ludlow, England, Carole has the background and the location from which to draw her plots and people.  Her novels are from the 8th Century AD, a rough time to live.  The characters are children whose lives are not easy and whose skills must exceed what one would expect.
Thin Time - a Norse fantasy set in Shropshire
The first in the "Task Bearer" series

Carole’s book, Thin Time was released last year to great success.  Her love for and experiences with children are clear in the enthusiasm with which her books have been received.

Well, no MEGO* when it comes to Carole Anne Carr!

On Friday, I will be honored to celebrate her new books and a free promotion give-away. 


  1. Wow--a very nice tribute, Susan.

    1. Carole is such an impressive lady! She deserves much praise and I hope this post achieved that. Thanks for writing!

  2. Dear Susan, as "Suze" said--"Wow!!!!" those are impressive credentials. I'll go to the library website to see if it offers any of her books. Thanks for sharing this and for what you plan to do on Friday. Peace.

  3. Wow that is a ton of credentials indeed, the list goes on and on haha

  4. very impressive and i love that book cover!


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