Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PhotoPrompt: Raccoon

From Arlene

“This on-line dating thing is kinda tricky…I wonder if she meant to meet here in the thick grass under the maple tree or the thick grass under the oak tree?...  I should have made a print-out…I hope she likes the trash can I’ve selected for our dinner…Did I remember to wash my face?...”


  1. Loved this one! I may have to write about this later in the week, as I know a raccoon or two! Julie

  2. I love raccoons, at least from afar. Not so much up close. There was one time I was in Muskegon, Michigan and I came to the end of this pier and two baby raccoons popped out! They were apparently living inside the pier. They were adorable but I made sure to be careful around them in case mama raccoon showed up.

  3. One who has had more than a passing acquaintance with raccoons know that these 'varmints' are not to be trifled with or ignored. Thanks to Julie, PT, and Arlene for stopping by. Arlene, your raccoon photo was too good to ignore.


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