Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just Nonsense

Reflections of a marvelous lady

Just Nonsense, is there such a thing?


Think of all the crazy nonsense we know.  How about jump-rope rhymes?  How about “step on a crack, break your mother’s back…”?  What about never adding peanuts to RC Cola as an aphrodisiac?   The list is embarrassingly long and just plain embarrassing.

But there IS Just Nonsense.  This is a book put together for Melynda Fleury, containing some of her excellent observations and stories.  Melynda always dismissed her writing as “…nonsense…” but it was anything but that. 

With a clarity about life (having lived through many harrowing events herself), Melynda has shared her understanding and compassion with so many bloggers and friends.

One friend, Elisa Hirsch has worked tirelessly to pull this book together for Melynda Fleury, to be released on March 1st, which is today. 

You must understand this:  Melynda has been blind for the past few weeks.  This Friday, March 2nd, she will be undergoing a risky laser surgery to try to restore partial vision.

Please help with this cause to support Melynda by going to the site and purchase her book.  This will help her in many many ways.

Go to this site: GoodReads   Go right now, do as I say!  There.


  1. I got mine waiting for me on Jan's Kindle. I wish Melynda all the best!

  2. Oh Susan! I can't believe you are in on this too! Thank you so much! I don't even know what to say!

  3. Dear Susan,
    Isn't this an adventure--supporting Melynda this way! I'm so glad that both you and I are a part of it. And by the way, I just saw that you have Dulcy's cover here on your blog.
    When did you do that? Has it been here long and I've missed it. What a friend you are to put her here. Thank you many times over.



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