Friday, March 23, 2012

Why didn't they kill that mouse?

1987: We were hurrying through an Irish downpour rain.  Three children in the car crying, “The movie starts in five minutes…”  Tears and desperation flowed.  Down my face. 

A parking place, had to find a parking place.  Dammit.  There’s one, but it’s a tight one, and I’ll have to parallel park with traffic behind me.  “Quiet, kids, let me get parked.”  Lord, help me!  I hate parallel parking…

Zip, Zang, and I was in the spot.  Perfect.  The kids leapt out the passenger side onto the concrete.  Me?  I had to crawl out into traffic, where a river rampaged down the gutter, and cars sprayed me. 

On a pelting run, we made it to the ticket window, and paid the snotty teenager who said, “Movie’s already started, ya’ know…”  Pushing the kids ahead of me, I whispered all sorts of mild profanity in response to the teenager.  

We found our friends and settled into watching “The American Tail”.  A poor Eastern European family of mice were emigrating to America.  They got separated, with poor #@^& boy, Fievel, trying to find his way back to the family.  Fievel was befriended by unlikely carnivores, chased by likely carnivores.

The key song, “Somewhere Out There” is sung as a duet, with Fivel in one part of the city and his saccharine sweet sister in the other.  My mood softened a little, but not enough.

I watched the movie with a jaundiced eye.  A cynical heart.  Still cold and wet from my traffic shower bath, I saw that mouse, @*#% Fievel, escape certain death time and time again.

Inevitable reunion ended the movie with music swelling and my kids laughing happily.  All I could think was, “Why didn’t they kill that #@$ mouse?”

Fast forward to 2012:  I still think that Fievel should have bit the dust in the first 30 minutes.  The sister would have made a much better lead.  Fievel didn't have a brain in his mouse head, or an ounce of common sense in his furry mouse body.


  1. I hear a little anger in your narrative. Was it the parallel parking or the spraying of dirty water that did you in?

  2. hahaha but then they never would have been able to do the sequels. All about the money, so the poor mouse had to live.

  3. Was that the movie with the "albatross airlines"? I watched so many kiddie cartoons during that time they all intertwine in my mind!

  4. Ah but it made the kids happy.

  5. Dear Susan, . . . I can see that I need to go to the library website to discover if they have this film. If so, I'll watch it so as to see just what you're saying! Peace.

  6. I've never heard of this movie before, but it doesn't sound as though it's the best film . . .


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