Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another reason why I married Grandpa

...or maybe it should read, "Another reason why I married my husband".

(Reference note: Grandma, why did you marry Grandpa?
AND   Sunshine and the Solar System)

I was sitting here, content to check out blogs and make comments.

John had taken the telescope out to back yard (there is no yard, just a pool which is seldom used).

He came running in, "Quick.  You gotta see this!  Jupiter's moons are lined up, and you can even see..."

I told him, "Just a minute, okay?"

"No, you gotta come now.  These things move out of focus really fast!"

Jupiter with its moons

So we ran out back, and he refocused the telescope.

The planets' positions on evening, March 3, 2012
 Today's night sky

There Jupiter was with striations of orange and brown, with three of its moons in a line, and one shy moon snuggled in just beneath Jupiter.

Jupiter moving closer to Venus, with the Moon looking on

Awe struck.  That's what I was.  Then I look at John; his face was lit up like a child sharing a special toy with a special person.

And that's another reason why I married my husband.


  1. Hi Susan,
    What a wondrous posting and most heart warming. This has rekindled my love of astronomy. I recall, as a little boy, my amazement of the solar system and the galaxies beyond.
    Awesome and thanks for this.
    With respect to you and your husband.

  2. I love those moments, after years of hanging out together, and maybe a bit of "taking for granted" to be reminded of why you started down this path with this person. Beautiful post, Susan!

  3. How beautiful. And he was sharing his treat with a special person - you.

  4. Very important to share those moments. This is the stuff memories are made of.

  5. Wow, well captured...on both counts :D

    I married a Peter...Peter Pan. I love it when the boy returns a smile in a special moment. :)

  6. Dear Susan,
    This was a lovely posting. A sharing of one of those moments when we realize that we've chosen a friend or a spouse (or the two in one!) with whom we are aligned in this universe.

    Thank you for the photographs.



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