Monday, March 5, 2012

February is OVER!

This is about the most boring calendar of all.

February has ended, Praise Be to God!

February was also a scary month for me as a teacher. 
Amazing changers of history
For a month with Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays, and being Black History Month, February was always the longest month when I was teaching.

Factor in stinkin' Valentine's Day (oh, how I hate Valentine's Day Parties at school), February was awful.  There was so much that could be taught, but limited time.  Time, never enough time, it seemed.

Oh, how I hate school Valentine parties.

By this point of the school year, several levels of learning needed to be reached by my students.  Needed?  Absolutely must happen!   

Some students seemed to reach a glorious epiphany about the end of January, and all the math, spelling, reading, and learning came together in an explosive “AH!  HA!  I UNDERSTAND!”

There would be current of electricity connecting student to student, until the room was alive with this burst of comprehension.  Man.  I cannot tell you how that felt to me as the teacher.  Words cannot do that justice.

But, then…there were other students who had hit a wall in December, and never seemed to come back all the way from Christmas Holidays.  The first days of January were turning back into the early days of September.  They and I would spend the rest of the year playing catch-up. 

Some did catch up, but some did not.

So glad February is over.


  1. I envy anyone with the fortitude to teach our little citizens. My one year spent as a 6th grade inner-city public school teacher still gives me nightmares. I'm sure that you make a positive impression on our little futures of America ...

  2. When on earth did you find time to teach the basics with all the excitement of "special" days.

  3. Sounds like February was a pain in the butt month to teach indeed. I hated those dumb valentine's day parties too.

  4. My mom always said February was the longest month of the year. Cold, dreary, snow, winter not over. It dragged for her. And it was her birthday month, too. But that was over on February 4th!

  5. My wife hates the Valentine parties as well, but she always brings home a lot of candy that the students give her. I don't think I'd want to deal with kids every day.

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  6. Hi Susan,
    That's one thing the kids don't do over here in Britain. They do not have those Valentine's parties or the exchanging of Valentine's Day cards amongst the students. I recall as a youngster, living in Vancouver, that such an event could cause a lot of sadness when some child got overlooked for a card.
    And now we can 'leap' past February and March into Spring :)
    All the best,

  7. Lol! I've never looked at Feb. this way before ;) I'm so excited for March. It's already been so wonderful ;)

  8. Feb is one of those in between months over here. The kids have a week off for winter vacation so I don't think the teachers complain to much about this month. The closer we get to spring the happier I am!

  9. Your students are blessed. And I suspect they know it. Here there are holidays from mid December until the end of January. I believe that many teachers find that everything which had been learnt the year before escapes in that time. Sigh.
    And I loved your fireworks for the epiphanies.

  10. Your post brought back memories of many years ago. After 6 years of teaching preschool, I began to hate February.

  11. Dear Susan,
    What a wonderful teacher you must have been. You get to the heart of the matter and understand the deep desire all children have to do well and to be appreciated and valued. You've been a blessing in the lives of many.



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