Monday, July 18, 2011

Blog Restrospection

Many thanks (I think) to Delores at My Feathered Nest for being chosen to participate in a retrospection on past blogs.  At first, I looked at her note, realized that this was going to require some thinking on my part.  It is summer, and it is too hot to think—that ran through my mind. 

But then I said, “Well, dang…” and looked over my months of blogs.  I had started in January, and here it is July, but there were nearly 100 blog postings.  Here it goes:

Category 1:  Most beautiful   I chose “My Valentine Queen”, which is about my mother.  Mom passed away April 3, 2011, and this blog was written Feb. 21.  After this blog, Mom developed pneumonia, and failed rapidly.  I am crying as I write this, for I miss her so very much….

Category 2:  Most popular  This one “I do! I do!”  received a lot of attention, which kinda surprised me.  I thought my five advices were common sense, but then I am a “teensy bit old”.
Category 3:  The Most Controversial  This is tough, since I am not an “in your face” person.  I wish I were more gutsy (like you, Delores, you wild woman, you).  So I picked one of my early blogs “The Bigger They Are”.  
The Bigger They Are

Category 4:  Most Helpful   This one “Life” is from the famous/infamous A-Z Blogfest.  As its title implies, it is about life and all it entails.

Category 5:  The Post whose success surprised me   Well, that one is from the A-Z, as well.  This blog post is “W is for…”  I wrote that one selfishly, as I found myself glued to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Shows.  My, those dogs were amazing. 
W is for...

Category 6:  The Post most ignored    I wrote a short story for a blog contest, around this great photo found by Dawn Ambers.  I thought I did a good job, and Dawn gave me an award.  But, still, not many people found it interesting. :(
Category 7:  The Post I am proud of    This post was painful for me to write, as it dealt with an incident in my life I have never talked about.  This post is from the Broken Heart(s) blog fest. 
Broken Heart(s)

Now I must choose five fellow bloggers, and notify them of their choice to participate or not.  These writers :

A Penchant for Pens  , 1st Writes , Diary of a Square-toothed Girl , Fearfully and Wonderfully , and
Ju Dimello


  1. Thank you for choosing me to participate in this one, Susan. I'm honored. Since I've been blogging for six years and am up to somewhere around 1300 posts, I'll to do some diggin'! But I like the reflective nature of this exercise. It may take me a few days to get this done; I'm on some deadlines related to school right now. Stay tuned!
    Can't wait to read the posts you mentioned. Let me say I am virtually hugging you in your grief.

  2. Thanks Susan! I am looking forward to this! I will get on it! Thanks for thinking of me...

  3. I have been crying and laughing and agreeing and thinking and crying again...because I have gone back and read all of your chosen posts. Beautiful choices.

  4. This is a great post and what a lovley idea to go back through your past posts and take time to reflect. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.


  5. I went to the "Bigger they are" great post. I remember I do Ido that was a great one too.
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. Well you just gave me a ton of reading to do. I'm pretty excited about that. :)

  7. It's great to go back on past posts and bring them back to the fore.

    It's funny how the posts that gain the most attention usually come as a surprise.

    Thank you


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