Friday, July 8, 2011

How Summer Is Measured

Summer is slipping by me.  Already the fireworks have burst in the sky, while I watched them in TV.  Where did the awe go?  What happened to all those “Ahhhhs”  and “Ohhhhs”?

Summer is measured in so many ways.  I guess it comes down to that basic premise. 

Summer is measured:

* in the amount of fireflies caught and held in a quart jar.

* in the first good ear of sweet corn covered with butter.

* in the wrinkled fingers of my grandchildren after swimming all day.

* in the number of times people comment on how hot it is today.

* by the splashing in the pool.

* by the number of the SPF in the sunblock lotion.

* by how high I want the A/C set.

* by the lack of football games on TV.

* by the sales of summer clothes at JCPenney.

Can you add to the list?  I wonder how many measurements our blogging community can add?


  1. By the different species of birds that show up in the back yard, the number of times the "heat bug" calls, by the number of empty frozen lemonade cans in the garbage bin, the number of visits to the splash park with our grandkids, the number of times hubby mows the lawn/fills the gas can, how many times my favourite summer shirt gets washed.......
    and so it goes. Next week is the middle of July. Before you know it we will be buying halloween candy and digging out the Christmas deco's....yikes!!!! Enjoy it while you have it, it is FAR to short.

  2. By the number of mosquito bites you get, by the water bill, by the amount of band-aids you hand out to your grandchildren, by the wonderful visits of relatives who won't drive in the winter, by all the fun plans you make, by the the # trips to get the gas canisters for the barbeques, and by the stars you can see in the sky.

  3. By how many times I take my bicycle out and how dirty the bottom of my feet get. I'm waiting for my first ear of corn- not yet in season here. Soon, soon!

  4. I miss fireflies. My grandparents live on the East coast and when we went to visit (my brothers and I) we caught a whole bunch and put them in a jar. We were so excited (we had never seen them before) the next morning they were all dead. We had forgotten to poke holes in the top of our jar. We cried and cried, the told our mother we were murderers. lol Memories are what bring my summer to full fruition and making new ones is a great way to continue the tradition.

  5. By the summer storms and rainbows that fill the sky and the sweet smell of newly cut grass.

  6. Susan,
    Summer is:
    *watermelon and burgers
    *creek wading and camping
    *tomatoes and zucchini
    *flip flops and shorts

    And to answer your question about Cooties. It's just a kid's rhyme. I remember saying this as a child, "Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot, now I got my Cootie Shot" and I was protected. My daughter taught me this new verse, "Circle, Circle, Knife, Knife, Now you got them all your life. Sooooo, You give someone the Cooties first, then protect yourself quick with the Dot, Dot, one and then Knife the person so they keep it forever. You make these motions on your arm when you say it. Good eh?

    I just saw your WIP blog. I'll stop by it soon! Have a great, great weekend!

  7. you've got me droolng thinking about the sweet corn...

    summer is measured by the number of times we blow up the kiddie pool!

  8. By the mass amounts of watermelon consumed!

    I love summer, but you got it right about the hot part. I prolly say "it's so hot" at least once a day!

  9. Pictures will be up tomorrow. lol I can't believe it I am such a silly sucker when it comes to children and animals.

  10. You must live in an un-sprayed community to have fireflies. I haven't seen fireflies in years. Everyone has the green lawn guy with the poison hose and wearing the big rubber boots. I don't spray but my neighbors spraying took care of any fireflies I could have had. Last time I saw them was when I was driving through a tiny town in Missouri. They were dazzling.



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