Saturday, June 4, 2011


Horton and the dust-speck are one.
The other day when I was watching my granddaughters, I found myself up stairs and getting ready to watch a movie while we lay in Mommy’s bed. Both the girls were sick and asked me if I wanted to take a nap. It would be okay with them if I wanted. Sunshine found the TV controls, and zip-zang, she showed me how to do all the remote control stuff that previously eluded me. With “Horton Hears a Who” starting, the girls lay down, telling me I could have the middle between them. They had taken all the pillows, and the middle was perhaps eight inches wide. 

This isn’t going to work, I told them. I need more room than that. So I manually scooted them over, grabbed a pillow from the end of the bed, and climbed over them. The moment I extended my arms, they both rolled  to nestle into me. ‘Ahhhhh’. 

The Last Unicorn
Sunshine is somewhat like a puppy, which has to turn in circles a few times before finding the right spot. This time she was lying on her stomach, with her head at my knees and her feet at my head. “Draw pictures on my back, Grandma. I want a unicorn, a rainbow, a flower…” Before I drew the rainbow, Sunshine was sound asleep.

Bright Eyes placed her head on my chest. “I can hear your heart beating, Grandma,” she whispered. I wiggled my fingers into her mass of brown hair, and lifted the strands up to let the heat escape. She sighed, and blinked, then was asleep.

That left me with Horton. Before we settled in for the movie,Sunshine had found one of Daddy’s clean socks and placed it over my eyes just so. "Here, Grandma.  This will help your headache."   I could look down my nose and at the TV, if I wanted. 

When Mommy/my daughter came home, she found us three just like that. “Oh, my, that is precious.” I agreed with her.

Life can’t get much better than that.


  1. Any chance she took a picture? This is memory book stuff.

  2. This makes me so excited to be a grandma. I just hope I'll be an amazing one like you are. Sunshine and Bright Eyes are darling. I bet The Hippie and The Scribe would have a ball with kids like them. Can you imagine the possibilities LOL!

  3. Being a grandparent is the reward you get from raising children. You find it was well worth all the sacrifices and "oh-those-teenage years" you went through.

    Grandchildren are perfection.

  4. Aw that is so sweet. It reminds me of the days I spent with my gran. ^_^

  5. What an amazing image - you're a very lucky lady, and they are very lucky kiddies :)

  6. Oh, I love this. So sweet and I can just picture the 3 of you in those positions and feel how content you all are. Lovely.

  7. Bless, you. You are right about life not getting much better than that.

    Ellie Garratt

  8. Wow, you've captured that moment perfectly and you brought us along (thank you). Just precious.

    The Write Soil

  9. That's my kind of afternoon...when the kids are actually asking for a nap! That time with my kids slipped by too fast! My youngest now RARELY cuddles. Where did the time go? Thanks for bringing it back to me.

  10. What a perfect afternoon! You've reminded me of nights cuddled up with my grandma, hearing her sing or tell stories. I wish she'd recorded her memories of these special moments. Your granddaughters are blessed to have a writer for a grandmother!


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