Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunshine and the Ten Commandments

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There are movies that will always be remembered for grandeur, universal truths, flawless performances by the lead actors, and/or excellent writing.   One of my favorites is “The Ten Commandments”.  Oh, I know, it is over-the-top in many ways, but it still stands out as an epic of the late 1950s.

Today my daughter Erin and her girls, Bright Eyes and Sunshine, came down to visit.  I think key factors may have been that we have great A/C and it is stinking hot where they live thirty miles away.  My husband took them out to Spaghetti Factory while I stayed home to deal with some digestive issues.

When they returned, Grandpa put this movie on to share with the girls.  Of course, Grandpa has been dying to show them “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” and maybe “Kill Bill: I & II”, as he has the common sense of a gnat.  But, we watched the first half of “The 10 Commandments”, with an incredible amount of commentary.  Sunshine questions every single movie I have watched with her, and I don’t think she really listens to the answers. 

Nice hair
When Moses came down from the Mountain, the girls observed his face was glowing and his hair was blown back.  They had all sorts of theories about that ranging from being in front of the fan, to his mommy blow-drying his hair, to seeing God.  We told them that Moses would get the Ten Commandments from God and give them to the Hebrews.

Sunshine gave us her wise, all-knowing look, “Oh, I know all about them!”  Such knowledge and confidence exuded from her, it was awe-inspiring.  Mommy asked her to name a few.

Sunshine crawled into my arms and hugged me. “Oh, you know.  One is ‘Don’t bite’.  Another is ‘Don’t steal’.  And, another is ‘Don’t cheat’.”  Our adult eyes shared a common moment, and we nodded to Sunshine in agreement.  “Those are all good ones, Sunshine.”

Sunshine beamed that incredible five-year old smile at us.  I told her that I had ‘Don’t Bite’ nailed.  I was really good at not biting any one.  She eyed me for a second before giving me a look of approval.  “Good job, Grandma!”


  1. Yes indeed, good job grandma! Hope that digestive problem cleared up for you. We wouldn't want to miss the Spaghetti Factory too too often.

  2. Love it. Thanks goodness you've got the no biting thing down. How long did it take you? ;-)

  3. lol I'm still working on the don't bite one. That's a toughy

  4. LOL! Gotta say the biting is a tough one!

  5. Sooo awesome! I need to tell my boy to work on the "Don't bite" commandment :0) I LOVE it.

  6. I have tagged you for a challenge. Hope you have time for it. See my "my 7 links" post from today.

  7. 'Don't bite' - LOL! I love your straight-faced reply.

  8. I read this post to my grandmother on the phone and she said
    "oh man! I should have added a few when I taught you kids..
    Thou shalt not whine about the food I give you.
    Thou shalt not cry unless there are bones sticking out of your skin or blood spurting our of your body..
    She went on and on. I laughed so hard thought I'd share.


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