Monday, July 25, 2011

Joy of A/C: pt. 2, Bats and Cats and Elephants....

I just really liked this photo.
There is no screen separating the great night outdoors from the window fan and the inside bedroom.  The force of the air flow prevented insects from getting inside. 

One night, my oldest brother Don raised the window and turned on the window fan, but he didn’t understand the issue about 2inches  versus 3 inches opening.  We all went to bed and a cool breeze flowed through the upstairs, our open adjoining door, and out through the amazing window fan
The window fan

...almost there...almost there...
Sometime around midnight, we all woke up.  It was an eerie thing to do, waking up at the same time and for no apparent good reason.  But our senses were primed and sharp to a high-pitched squeak and a sense that a giant mosquito was just over our heads.  Don turned the light on in my brothers’ room, and we all blinked to see what was buzzing us.
A harmless bat

It wasn’t clear at first, but in seconds we burst into screaming and racing around the rooms as the bat frantically zoomed around with us, trying to find the damned window fan opening.  The 3 inch opening was just enough for it to find its way into the house, but there was no way the wretched, scared bat would find its way out.  

It zipped and zoomed, and we screamed and ducked.  I dived back into my bed and pulled the sheet over my head, tucking it around myself.  My older brother Robert tried to get in the bed with me, but selfishly I was not giving up my protected space.  He crawled under my bed instead. 

And I'm zooming in....
After several long desperate minutes, Don turned off the light, and in an authoritative voice told us that we had to quiet down, and let the bat find a place to settle.  We would get the bat in the morning. Robert slept on the floor under my bed, I under my sheet, and Don with a blanket around him.  Whatever cooling air we might have gotten from the window fan that night was nullified by the layers we put between our sweaty skin and the bat.
...and I'm flying...

...and now I'm sleeping....
In the morning, Don found the bat asleep, hanging upside down from the wallpaper.  He used his blanket and snatched it off the wall.  As we watched, Don flung the blanket open through a window, and the bat plummeted to the ground.  We closed the window, and were just about to close the shade when we saw our best mouser cat pounce on the bat and carry it away.

We turned off the window fan, observed the incorrect window height setting, and closed the window.  The sun came up, and the temperature soared.  And, that is one very good reason why I love air conditioning.


  1. They may be Gods creatures but I just can't bring myself to accept a bat in the house. Worse than a mouse. A FLYING mouse.

  2. Oh my, how many nightmares have you had about this incident. It was stomach turning just reading about it.

    I would never want to come into close contact with these creatures, but they are a neccessary factor for the environment. We had them in the woods behind my house, but they have disappeared and the mosquito and other bug population has escalated this year. We put up a bat house, but so far, no occupants.

  3. "Oh, there's a bat in the house! Don't kill it, Jack!" my grandmother cried. "Bam", the broom was swift and he tossed the bat in the trash. "Now, someone will die," cried my grandmother. You see, I'm from an Italian family, on my mother's side - very superstitious . . . And, guess what? Aunt Josie died the next day, and my grandmother blamed Grandpa Jack for the rest of his life. . .
    That was in the days of no A/C, when ceiling fans were the only relief from the heat. Thank goodness for innovation! Love your story about your past! You write exceptionally well. And, good thing you all didn't kill the bat!

  4. thats one of the best reasons I can think of lol Hope you are feeling better.

  5. I bet you got no sleep that night. I get the hee bee gee bees just tinking about it! AND EEEWWWWWWWWW to see it hanging there the next morning!Yuck and double yuck!
    Great post! you had me almost covering my head with a sheet!
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. That would scare the crap out of me. Oh my gosh! I hung onto every word.

  7. I would NOT have been able to sleep at all... Sounds like you had a crazy night...LOL


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