Friday, July 1, 2011

For just a few minutes...

San Juan Capistrano beach, courtesy of
For just a few minutes when I closed my eyes, the beach transformed itself into a sandy friendly place where my teenage children were enjoying themselves.  The girls were stretched out on towels, lathering no spf lotion over their Irish skin, hoping for a tan this time.  After seeing there were no possible males for them, they flopped back on the towel.  Their brothers were tackling the waves, diving into them and emerging on the other side.

We were stretched out on the deck of the rental house, facing the ocean.  There was laughter about our jobs and the crazy things our kids had done and would do again.  Some hit song from the 80s was playing, and our feet were randomly keeping rhythm on the top of the railing.  It was a fine day.

Some still play on the beaches, while others remember play.
Then I opened my eyes.  Our grandkids were building rock castles, afraid of the water and rightly so.  Their mothers had greased them up with 150 spf/UV/UB, and then put some on themselves.  We ‘grownups’ were again laughing, this time about being in our fifty+ years.  Arthritis and cholesterol had hit most of us, even the youngest sibling.  Someone mentioned colonoscopies and that set off a whole new set of horror stories.  Some hit song from the 80s was playing, and our swollen feet were tapping out the rhythm as we talked about varicose veins. It was a fine day.

But for just a few minutes…


  1. Should have kept your eyes closed.

  2. Yes, life goes on, same beat, different lyrics - but there is still laughter. As a matter of fact, I think I laugh a little more now as many things that were so important then, are not anymore. Just let the music play!

  3. Having your grand kids there must have been a joy! What beautiful pictures. I wish we had a beach here. My kids have never seen the ocean.

  4. The beach is the best. Time does fly, that's for sure.

  5. It does seem that way doesn't it....all in the blink of an eye. Great post! Blessings, Joanne

  6. I love the "150 SPF"! LOL!

    Wish I was at he beach right now!

    The Write Soil


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