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Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Secret Desire

My brother Bill with 'Sonny'
I have always been a secret cowboy, yes.  In my mind, I am riding a white Andalusia horse across the golden hills of Santa Barbara.  I would be young again, with long chestnut hair; my horse would fly across the golden land, and we would never stop.  Yes, that is my dream.

In reality, the only ‘horses’ I have ridden with any success are on the carousel at the fair or the ponies who miserably plod around in a circle. 

My brother Bill was a real cowboy; he bought a two year old quarter horse when he was in high school. When he became an adult (well, he grew to adult size, anyway), he lived in Texas and had several horses.  He even talked like a Texan.
My brother, Bill, in 1992
I came home from college one weekend after Bill had gotten ‘Sonny’.  He asked, “Wanta ride ‘im?” Sensing no subterfuge, I eagerly climbed up, and held the reins the way I remembered from my pony-riding days.  I even make that click-click sound, the one I’d heard in all the cowboy shows ever made.

Sonny took off, and I mean he took off like a rocket.  As he headed up the road, Bill’s laughter filled the air.  I was hanging on for my very life, and he was laughing. 

When Sonny finally stopped after going a quarter mile (I swear), I jumped down, and lead the blasted animal back home.  I didn’t sit for two days. 

My red boots next to my spinning wheel, things I have collected
I will never ever ride a horse again, I think.  I don’t want to hurt something that may not heal.  So instead, I bought something that will have to substitute: red cowboy boots.

Yup, pardner.  I may never fly across the plains on my white horse, but I will strut like nobody’s business in my red cowboy boots.   


  1. Both feet on the ground in red cowboy boots. Will we EVER get over our Annie Oakley days?

  2. So Dorothy had her sparkly red shoes and you have your leather red boots. And where exactly is Oz for such a cowgirl? In the dream world of the Andalusia?


  3. Sometimes dreams are better than reality. When they involve galloping on a quarter horse you know nothing about, they definitely are.

    However, those boots. Va va va voom. Really cool!

  4. haha I guess some things should remain dreams

  5. Love it! This is so cute! I'm glad you agree with me that little piggies should be eaten. haha

  6. I love this too :) Those boots are so cute.

  7. Dear Susan, Thank you for commenting on my posting today. I've always liked that Tennyson poem and as I age I find that the final words fit my life now and also my longings.


  8. Nice cowboy boots, Susan. I'd stick with them, too. Like you, I once had a frightening experience on a horse. No. In my dreams I'll ride one! Maybe an Andalusia. Love that name. It rolls off the tongue!

    And thanks for stopping by and encouraging me on my current WIP. I appreciate it.
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  9. I love horses but recently had a bad experience riding one. I love your boots!
    Blessings, Joanne

  10. Love the boots, sugar. I always wanted to fly, but I'm afraid of heights, so maybe I'll just buy some duck feet.

  11. I've never ridden a horse; except for such things as the ponies and carousel horses you mentioned.

    Cool boots!

  12. What a charming story. Cowboy boots and I don't get along. I tried a pair on once, and what a terrible memory. You story brings back memories of meeting a fantastic horse in my youth, a stallion who had never tasted the bit. Thanks for the encouragement! I've got the day off and it's raining cats and dogs, so it's a day at the keyboard ...

  13. Nice post and great boots. I was lucky enough to live in the country for a time and did my fair share of riding, and getting thrown off :) I miss it. Wonder if horseback riding is like riding a bicycle?


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