Monday, September 26, 2011

Odes to Odes

The Master Quipster, Ogden Nash

Ode to Odes

'Tis hard to create an ode
When my brain is growing mold.
The meter and rhyme--
I run out of time,
When the meter
Is sweeter
Than the rhyme
Is fine.

The sage, Ogden Nash
Knew when to slash
If the words he had
Smelled rather bad
And what he needed
Was better heeded.

So, Dear Odgen,
To quote such an odd one:
Candy is dandy
But liquor is quicker.
This is mine:
Dark chocolate is divine
When eaten with red wine.

Please note: I am not a drinker, but I do remember in days gone by.


  1. Hot dogs are fine,
    I'll have onions with mine.

  2. Dark chocolate IS divine! I hide the good stuff in my closet so my family leaves it alone. I'm a literally a closet eater. :)

  3. Susan,
    Had to tell you that I did my skit yesterday for the Friendship Dinner. Your suggestion on the girl and brother (donating blood) sparked the idea for the whole skit and it went over very well. Thank you, friend for inspiring me!

  4. Now you know my little rhyming behind considers this a great find, nicely done with rhyme and rhythm galore here at your shore

  5. Your memory is fine; red wine goes very well with chocolate. However, what doesn't go well with chocolate.

    Always a good, clever post from you Susan.

  6. Well done, Susan! A true pleasure to read :)

  7. Susan, you have such an interesting and creative mind. I always look forward to a new posting by you because you so often offer your readers a different take on a story or poem or genre. Your take on like is fascination. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.



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