Monday, September 12, 2011

The Problem with Profanity

This says it all!

I am having a real problem with profanity.  I know, I know.  This is a hard thing to admit:  Living a Christian life, making certain that my speech was uplifting and true to God’s Word, I am finally having trouble.

It is only two words:  Damn-it!  and hell.

Is it a sign of the times, I wonder?  It sure seems to me that the world IS going to ‘hell in a hand basket’.  I don’t know what that means, but my father-in-law said that phrase frequently, and he was born in 1926.  So, perhaps my usage of hell in that sense is understandable and acceptable.  Is saying, “Last week was hell, as the temperatures were at 108 to 111 degrees!” acceptable?  Obviously, the word ‘hell’ has some confusion for me.
What is this really saying?

But Damn it!  or just plain Damn!...I mean, I know that cannot be permitted.  

 I grew up in a ultra, uber conservative church that looked on ‘dang’ or ‘darn’ as subtle substitutes for the big Damn!, and could not be tolerated.  

 Other words were accepted as we lived in a farm country where excrement surrounded us, but the word Damn! was on the bad list.

I have gotten sooo bad that I even giggle a little when I say Damn it! or Dammit!.  Why!  Why?!  Has the word moved from the ‘bad list’ to the ‘slightly amusing list’?  

 Shoot, I don’t know.  

Maybe if I say ‘Hoover Dam(n) it!’, I could feel less guilty. 


  1. My mother, a refined, religious woman, could, at certain times, belt out some good ones. The old joke, "I thought my name was SOB, until I was 18, rings true to me. My dad, a man who was very proper, never said anything worse than "darn". If we ever spoke the slightest thing that resembled a dirty word, mom would wash our mouth out with soap.

    When I turned 50, a friend told me that it was OK to say some bad words, as at that age, we had earned the right. I do have a favorite or two that kind of helps me take the edge off in some situations However, they don't come close to the language that I hear out there and in the media. There is so much of it, and it is so common, that the impact that it used to bring has become a moot point.

  2. I'm right there w/ ya. I have trouble with a few words myself. Its ususally when I'm angry and I'm trying to make my point that I'm angry. Still NO good! I strive to live the holy life that God wants us to live. Only by His spirit will we be able to quit that nasty habit.

  3. Those two words are no where near as bad as some you hear used on every street corner. However, when stuck, you can always revert to Holy Shmolly or Crikey Mate for variety.

  4. I too am trying to erase the potty language and it is hard! I do substutions, but my Brother -in-law says that it still counts as profanity. %@%&@#! I'm doomed! ;O)
    Blessings, Joanne

  5. Your "Hoover" comment REALLY made me laugh! It is so very hard to be good.

    BTW, I "Tagged" you!

  6. I have the same issues, but especially in my stories. I wrestle with what my characters would really say and only after extreme deliberation do I use a curse word.

    Great post!

  7. Oooh - interesting topic. You know, throughout the last millenia, expletives in some form or other were related to blasphemy. What is "darn" if not a substitute for "damn"? "Geeze" for "Jesus"? "Bloody" for "God's blood"? "Blimey" for "God blind me"? In this light, any of those words are blasphemy. But at some point, that just seems to get silly, and with all the other responsibilities we have as Christians, I think no one should feel guilt over a little "damn" now and then :) Plus, the 3rd Commandment is more about not making false promises than shouting something related to the Bible when you stub your toe. Check out this online: "So Help Me God: A Biblical View of Oaths" by David G. Hagopian


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