Friday, September 9, 2011

Songs that Were Sung...

...and must be sung again!  

I grew up during the big ballad years.  If you can hum along with "...a green alligator and a..." then you remember the ballad years.  The movie, "A Mighty Wind" was a parody on those groups that had their moment in the musical sun.

But there were also the immortal balladeers like The Chieftains, the Clancy Brothers (later with Tommy Makem), and Burl Ives, along with names I cannot pull out of my morning brain.  The ballads covered every range from traditional ballads to humorous folk songs to Civil War songs--ballads were telling a story, making people remember, seeing something from the past or maybe the future.

A new series of books just published, English and Scottish Popular Ballads by James Frances Childs, promises to keep those ballads remembered.  Too often, these words and events fade into history, and someone says, "What were the words...oh, my mother used to sing that song to me..."

Now, at least these words will stand, be read and enjoyed.
English and Scottish Popular Ballads is the site for these newly released books.

Many Thanks! to Tony Benson for high-lighting this series.


  1. Ah, the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem - memories of fun times.

    Grew up on folk music and have loved it since.


  2. lovely- i'll have to check them out. and I LOVED a mighty wind. Such a funny movie.

  3. I remember from the late sixties and early seventies another balladeer:
    Glenn Yarborough from Australia. (I think that's how he spelled his name.)

    I listened to his records over and over and learned many of the songs.

    Thank you, Susan, for reminding me of those days and those songs. They were an important part of my young adult life.

    And thank you, too, for commenting on my Thursday posting. I hope next week to explore why perhaps my mother was as she was.



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