Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Boy with a Leaf

The Leaf Boy from 1st Writes

Sitting on his booster seat at breakfast, Jeffrey watched his older sisters race around the table.  “Soccer practice!...Library book?...Algebra test…Time to go!”

 Jeffrey could not hear the rest.  Unless he was quiet, the tornado of sisters and words could take him with them.

But they did take him.  Whoosh. Jeffrey was in his car seat.  Whoosh. At daycare.  Whoosh.  Back in his car seat.  Whoosh.  In his booster seat with a snack.  The tornado of sisters and parents whirled around him.

Jeffrey went out to play where he sat on his swing.  A breeze danced, bringing him a gift: a giant leaf.  It was bigger than his head with a perfect hole for his eye. 

With the leaf on his face, he went inside at supper time.   He announced, “Jeffrey is not here.  I am his tree.  I’m here.”  He sat down in Jeffrey’s chair and waited.

His sisters and parents stared at him.  Everyone shrugged, and began talking.  They looked at the tree with side-ways eyes.
The tree ate a carrot and a piece of chicken.  At bedtime, the tree used Jeffrey’s toothbrush, put on Jeffrey’s pajamas, and went to bed.

For two days the tree did most of the things Jeffrey usually did.

At supper on the third day, the tree came in to sit on Jeffrey’s chair.  The sisters and parents were gone!   
In their places sat big trees with leaves on their faces and perfect holes for eyes. 

Well, the tree did not know what to think.  Or to do.

What would you do?

This is intended to be a children book.  But the question still stands!


  1. Great Story. I think sometimes in the busyness of life we forget that the little ones don't always want to fit in with our agendas. Jeffery probably felt like a leaf blowing in the wind most days.

  2. Oh I like this. I feel a lot like Jeffery, blown past or looked at strangely and moved past quickly.

    Then, one day, everyone else has turned into a tree and you're not alone.

    Not bad.

    What would I do? I'd dance in the wind :)


  3. We are all Jeffrey at one time or another and feel invisible. We have to coat ourselves in red, yellow, or orange to get any attention.

    I would stand my ground and grow higher into the sun.

  4. I'd invite the birds of the air to build nests in my branches. I'd encourage the squirrels to pick up the nuts I've scattered for them and to carry them into the hole I've provided in my trunk. I'd reach my limbs out to the breeze and offer my leaves for fluttering. I'd flicker sunlight on the green grass below me. I'd stand silent for violets to grow in my shade. I'd welcome the world to my safe haven.


  5. Oh I love this story! I think the tree would smile behind his big leaf, sway with an imaginary breeze and wait for the others to join his dance.
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. Susan,
    I really enjoyed this take on the photo! Such a fun and adorable story. Very well written.
    Thanks for participating! It's fun to read different perspectives on one photograph.
    Take care,

  7. Dear Susan, thanks so much for commenting on my convent posting and for hearing those giggles so many years later!!!


  8. Susan,
    Really made me think. I often am rushing my daughter. Hurray and do this, hurray and do that. She just wants to be a slow poke. There is plenty of time for rush, rush, rush. This story tells me to slow down and be like a tree.

    Thank you.

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