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Friday, January 6, 2012

Possible Writing Titles

Writers have gotten creative with the titles.  The movies have joined in. 

Showing at theaters this week are multi-word titles that use colons and sometimes even hyphens:

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
Alvin and the Chipmunks:  Chipwrecked
Sherlock Homes: A Game of Shadows
The Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn – part 2

This titles-with-colons-and-explanations trend spurred a list of book titles in my little pink notebook that I keep on my nightstand.  NOW, it is possible that these titles are silly due to my general peculiarities, or to the sleeping (herbal) meds I take, or even the non-herbal meds. 

Just bear with me while I list my possible (and highly improbable) new book projects:

Riveting Tales of Menopause:  One Woman’s Struggle with Sanity
Dark Halls:  The Post-Christmas Laundry Avalanche
Frozen Depths:  The Mystery of the Mixed Vegetables
The Not Shining:  The Missing Batteries
When Polyester Attacks:  Hot Flashes
The Loneliness of the Channel Surfer:  The Late Night Hours
To Tweet or Not To Tweet:  That Is the Question
Living Large: The Upsurge of Elastic Waists
Who Turned the Heat Up:  Guilty?
The Missing Remote:  Who Used It Last?

Silly, I know.
 But, I ask you:  Why Not? 
Again:  Why the Heck Not?


  1. Christmas Chronicles: The Attack of the Leftovers or What's In YOUR Fridge?
    I love your living large title.....Great title for a diet cookbook.

  2. Ha ha ha, love the title "When polyester attacks:Hot flashes" What I have here is---Rain: A Never Ending Story-------Great post, thanks for the laughs :D

  3. Dear Susan,
    So sorry to have been gone so long from your delightful sense of humor and your unbounded creativity. That creativity is threaded through each of your titles, but I especially like "Living Large: The Upsurge of Elastic Waists."

    In the past three years, since I began to experience some health problems, I've eaten way too much comfort food and I now need to lose 20 pounds. So I'm living large and buying elastic waists! You'd have a lot of readers for that book.


  4. Too funny! So hard to pick my favorite, but I'm going with -
    Living Large: The Upsurge of Elastic Waists.

  5. This is AWESOME LOL!

    My favs are:
    When polyester attacks:Hot flashes
    The Missing Remote: Who Used It Last?

    :0) I love it!

  6. Delores, that would be a great title. There is a mystery bowl in the back of my fridge.
    Siv Marie, sorry about the rain. I would love to trade you some heat for your rain.
    Dee, those pounds have a way of sneaking up on us all.
    Brianna--I once stated that I would never wear pants with elastic waists. So far, so good.
    Elisa--I wonder what titles you could create with your children as inspiration??

  7. Riveting tales of Menopause 2: Everywoman's slide towards Insanity.
    More riveting tales: Sanity regained (mostly)

  8. Okay, I am laughing literally OUT LOUD, yes I am. Your titles are hilarious. The NOT Shining and Living Large...too funny.

    BTW I tagged you today. Play if you want to.

  9. Susan, thanks for the laugh.

    Reading yours, made me think of these:

    Hot Potatoes: Passing the buck
    Drop Dead: Ugly
    Lickity Split -- The Story of Ice Cream

    Don't ask me to explain 'em. LOL.

  10. Loved these! All too true.

    Veggie Tales: Alien Furry Leftovers

    I think I need to purge the frig!

  11. I just brainstormed some titles that will appear on the Hook, Line, and Sinker blogfest on 2/13. I had fun with them. I like the silly ones even better than the possible candidates.

    Murder in California: World Poker Tour Made Me Do It


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