Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Samuel and Christmas Day

Christmas morning dawned with the doorbell ringing.  When the Old Church door opened, gift laden relatives gushed into the house. 

Taken by surprise, Samuel was swept up in the flood by Aunt Tammy.  Having no spit, vomit, mucous, or gas to give her as his own gift, Samuel improvised.  He balled up his fist and bonked her square on the nose.  Just for you, Tammy Whammy.

The result was spectacular as blood poured.  Nana grabbed Samuel before he could be dropped, and said, “Good grief, Tammy.”  A sparkle in Nana’s eyes told him that he had done well.

The flood carried Samuel to the Christmas tree, where a lone cookie lay on the plate.  Samuel shook his head. No sense of adventure?  Disappointed, Samuel stuffed the cookie in his mouth, raisin and all.

The gift opening frenzy began.  Present after present came at Samuel.  He scarcely had time to tear off the paper before The Daddy took the box away and gutted it for the toy inside.  Not the box!  Don’t hurt the box!

When the box was heaved onto a growing mound, Samuel glared at The Daddy.   Dammit, man!  Have you lost all touch with your inner child?

With the last gift unwrapped, the adults wandered around.

Samuel was lost in a sea of knees, a crowd of crotches. 

He found his way to the cat cage, where Ginger hunkered down.  Move over, cat.  I’m coming in.

Ginger snarled.  Get your own, kid.  This is mine.

Samuel sighed.  The mound of boxes looked promising.  Inspired, Samuel found the large microwave box and pushed it down the hall.  It was a monumental effort.

Arriving at Grammy’s guest room, Samuel moved the box to the open closet.  He climbed inside, tucked his thumb in his mouth, and dropped off to sleep.

Hours later, The Mommy found him after a frantic search.

In the wrapping paper clean up, Santa’s letter lay sadly unnoticed.  It read, Nice try, Samuel.  I will see you next year. the R. S. aka Santa


  1. If I could have found a big enough box on Christmas Day I would have done exactly the same thing.

  2. The boxes always seem to get their attention, young kids, cats, dogs, more than any present. A sea of crotches too, I see why he wanted to get away..haha

  3. Oh yes. A big box required, but bliss enabling.

  4. This is soooo darling! I LOVED the escapade with Ginger the best. Awesome post! :0)

  5. At least he took a nap. May be a future for him yet.

  6. Pat, I recall thinking as a child that I would always be staring at some adult's belt buckle. Fortunately, that was not so.

    Elephant's child--I think a refrigerator box would be about right, if I had some great pillows.

    Elisa--Ginger has a thing about personal space.

    Joanne--I think Samuel would need a nap to accommodate all that thinking. I know I do.

  7. It is always about the box, the bigger the better. Like Delores and SamueI, I also would have liked to crawl into one for a few hours over the holidays

  8. Dammit, man! Have you lost all touch with your inner child?
    I adore Samuel!

  9. Brianna, Samuel will need his own room at my house as I continue his story!


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