Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who ARE these people? Part 2

My maternal great-great-great grandmother
My maternal grandfather

I was privileged to grow up in a small rural community where the extended family was involved in my life.  My mother’s parents lived fifteen miles from our farm.  My father’s widowed mother lived down the street. 

Sometimes life in such an enclosed world gives one the chance to look at ‘both sides of the coin’ simultaneously. 

On my other blog site today, I am posting the second side of the coin, or my mother’s side of the family. 

Please go there to see that post, if you could.  Photos tell so much more than words sometimes. Please take a peek at that site today (or anytime:).


  1. These old family photos are truly a treasure.

  2. I am envious. Most of my family history is lost. My father was a German Jew who refused to talk about his family. I discovered after her death that my mother had steadfastly lied (concealed) about her family. I grew up with only the small immediate family. Now it is getting bigger by the day.

  3. Wonderful old photos. I like your perspective of the rural pioneering that kept the unit together from early in the 19th century. Some pieces may have broken off, drifted away to other parts of the country, but the core has been there so long.

  4. Delores: They really are a priceless treasure.

    Child: So much history was destroyed in that horrible time.

    Joanne: The cornerstone always remains, while the rest of the bldg crumbles.

  5. Dear Susan,
    I will go to your other sight. Like "the Elephant's Child," I find myself feeling some envy because you have these wonderful old photographs and you know who the people are. I, too, have some photographs but I have no idea who is sitting in that buggy or chair or holding that flag. I'm glad that you value your heritage so greatly.


  6. Very cool picture of your grandfather. Like something right out of a Western.

  7. Dear Susan,
    How precious. At first I thought this Grandmother was a widow because of the black dress but they did wear dark colors. I have a baby coat of mine that my Mother saved when I must have been the age of the baby on her lap. It's black shiny fabric, something like the dress on the grandmother. Can you imagine putting black on a baby??? Look at that sweet little baby. I'm thinking it's a boy because they used to put dresses on boys and his little tootsies are just sticking out, looking fine.

    I'll try to find your other blog.


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