Monday, June 23, 2014


Under the Porch Light photo prompt

Seth was relieved to complete the near vertical climb through deserted stretches of trails overlooking Las Vegas.  Seth cleaned his dusty spectacles and gazed at blinking lights below.

Ha!  And Dave said I couldn’t do it!  Seth smiled as he thought of his brother’s derision as he loaned his camp gear to novice camper Seth.  But his gloat was fleeting as he realized the sun was almost behind distant mountains, and he had yet to set up camp.  The full moon was moving behind heavy clouds and it would soon be completely dark.

Frantically Seth tried to find a suitable patch of ground that wasn’t rock hard.  He tumbled down into a trench where the softer ground made hammering spikes easier.  The tent was up in minutes with the Coleman lantern blazing.   Ha! He said again, as he dropped trousers to urinate into the dry ground.  Indecent of me, but it's camping…

As he dozed off warm and cozy within Dave's tent, he heard the thunder in the mountains and enjoyed the sound of rain falling upon the tent. 

When the ground rumbled and shook, Seth leaped outside the tent just in time to see the wall of water and mud roaring toward him along the gully.  His last thoughts were, ‘Dave is gonna be really pissed about the tent….’

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  1. Yeah, so much for the tent. Never camp in a gulley in the desert.

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  4. Looks like that may be his last camping trip.

  5. As soon as I saw he was in trench I thought, "No, you don't want to be there." My concern was well-founded. But then, I've been camping for years. Great story!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  6. Gah, that would have been me. But not now, since I read this post. :)

  7. I'm like Rob-Bear, no, no! not in the trench!
    Poor Seth, wet and cold AND having to replace Dave's tent. Glad he didn't get washed away though.


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