Friday, June 20, 2014

Ant Colony 307B

Ant Colony Story, first published in January, now re-posted since I am off seeing my two-year old grandson.  Haven't seen him for a year and a half.

Weaver ant weaving

Recent floods and the installation of artificial turf had forced Ant Colony 307B to relocate at a far corner of an artichoke field. The ant  army acted as a unit to move every member from the arterial twists and turns of the now drenched network of their former home.

Moving the queen ant with her arsenal of ant larvae and drones had proved to be most interesting.  Trudging through soggy tunnels had revealed an unknown treasure of collected artwork.  Minute paint chips, grains of paprika, and tiny shreds of colored paper lined walls of the queen’s chamber.

The treasure remained behind as the tunnels collapsed.

Just how extensive is an ant colony/hill?  Watch this video (if you have Adobe Flash Player).

Source:All the ants do die in this video.  Many thanks to Delores at Under the Porch Light  for her word prompts every Wednesday.  This week had a buffet of words and a photo prompt w/starter sentence!  Please click on the lovely stream on the right s.idebar to access her site and other contributors


  1. Better your life than some artwork, my Queen!

  2. Great ant weave indeed once more

  3. I stepped on an anthill yesterday. I guess I should feel guilty.

    Have a great trip, Susan.

  4. Ants are so organised, I once had an encounter with them. Ended up realising that they aren't happy when a few of them are killed, instead when they're just broomed away, they tend to not disturb the original setup.

  5. When I uncover a colony in my garden, I wait until the workers can gather the eggs and secret them away. I don't have to wait long. If they worked for the government, everyone on the government payroll could take the month off. Maybe longer. We could learn from these communal, rapid and efficient insects. Doubt we will. Aesop tried and his stories didn't change much.

  6. Hi Susan,

    The ants still have it. They might colonise our government buildings and sort out those within. Have a lovely time with your grandson.

    Gary :)


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