Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Ten more days…no, now it is nine…

Calendars in our house have count-downs to seeing our grandson, who lives on the other side of the world with my daughter Mary and husband Richard.  They pay the rent and fix the food, so he keeps them around.

Skype is a marvelous invention; I know I have mentioned that a few times each a month.  This morning Mary asked if I could go swimming with Benjamin at the marvelous water park in Bern. 

We can do that.

The look on my face and the stuttering words said something to the effect that sure-I-can-swim-with-Benjamin.

 The internal dialogue:
Do I own a swimsuit?....One that fits?....One that I could be seen in public wearing?.....Will I have to shave my legs?....Should I buy some artificial tan stuff to cover my Irish white skin?....What if something happens?... 

Basically, Benjamin and I are hitting the chlorinated artificial waves this summer!  Kow uh bunga! 

The video below is not in Bern, at all. 

No, we will not be be taking this or any other similar ride.  Wading pools-here we come!

Bear Park 6
City of Bern is also "City of the Bear"


  1. I wouldn't recommend wading with the bears, either.
    You two will have fun!

    1. Bern has a great bear enclosure. The city was named this way: the local Duke was surveying his land, wanted a city located on the Aure River. He pronounced that it would be named after the first animal he killed that day. It turned out to be a rabbit. So he decided the city would be named after the second animal, which was a bear.

  2. I'm definitely the wading pool generation. Enjoy!

  3. Ah...wading may be able to get away with shorts and a T as opposed to a bathing suit...

  4. Wade away at your bay even from far away

    1. That is the only way I would do this, with my 2 year old grandson.

  5. Dear Susan, oh, you are going to have--I'm placing all my bets on this--a truly delightful, giggly time with your grandson and his mom and dad. As to donning a swim suit: I haven't worn one since I took water aerobics up in Stillwater about 15 years ago. I could do that here in Independence, in fact I got an L.L. Bean swim suit, but when I saw myself in it I just felt "exposed" even though it was a one-piece suit with a skirt on it.

    I think if I could find a one-piece suit that had shorts instead of a skirt--shorts that came down a few inches on my thighs--I'd get in that pool! Perhaps if I'd had a grandson with whom to enjoy a dip, I would have kept that suit--or looked hard for one that I felt comfortable in. Peace.

  6. Have fun in the water! I'll be seeing my grandkids in a few weeks. I might watch them in the pool with their parents, but I'll be on the sidelines.

    You'll have a great trip I'm sure.

    Tossing It Out

  7. Woo-hoo and happy dances. Rather a lot of happy dances.
    Your excitement has put a big fat smile on my dial this morning. Thank you.

  8. Virtual swimming! Sounds like my kind of sport.
    I hope you have lots of fun.

  9. Oh wait, artificial waves is still real water....

  10. I want to hit the ocean this summer. I try to go once a year. A wading pool is nice and relaxing too.

  11. Hurrah! And at least you had some fair warning to contemplate these things. :)

    You're going to have so much fun!

  12. Swimming with grandchild ~ It doesn't get better than that.


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