Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wednesday Words: Emilia, precious Emlia

Tom Conway, 1905-1967

While James appeared to be non-chalant to the point of being flippant at this sad funeral, his insides churned with the anxiety that consumed him.  No one would have ferreted out the source of his distress except Emilia, precious Emilia.

And she lay in the coffin.  Emilia.  How James had loved her.  She held the essence of beauty even now, cold in death. 

Just days before, when truth had come speeding through her understanding, Emilia had faced him.  “It was you!  You poisoned me over time, with mercury.  Why?  Why?”

James stepped out from shadowed staircase.  

Rachel Roberts 1927-1980

”Simple, my love.  You are the only one who truly understood me.  Others labeled me ‘arrogant’, but you knew, you knew…”  

With a final gasp, Emilia crumbled to the floor. 

What was James' secret?  Why did he poison
Emilia?  What.....

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  1. This felt very Hitchcock-ian!! I loved it. Makes me wonder what she knew...

  2. Surely has the hitchcock vibe, sometimes better not to know such things lol

  3. Hitchcock and Twilight Zone all rolled into one. Fun-fantastic.

  4. She knew him, and she loved him anyway. There is more to this story, and I would really, really like to learn it. Please.

  5. Those above me are right, Hitchcock and Twilight Zone in one.
    I'd love to know what she knew and why it was so important that James keep it secret.

  6. She knew something about his personality could be taken for arrogance, when it actuality it was something entirely different.
    I'll bet it's that he just has no conscience. Maybe a true brain defect. Or he's part alien.


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