Friday, March 1, 2013

The door was wide open...

The door was wide open and that was the problem.  No one was paying attention and that was the second problem.

Amanda toddled to the door, seeing a bright sun and hearing spring song birds.  The brothers were playing a game with their backs to the door.  The birds, such pretty birds. 

She had learned how to go down the step, holding onto the rough stucco and putting one socked foot down.  Then the other.   The grass was green and warm.  Each step was on soft freshness, so lovely. 

Bright yellow dandelions lay in her path.  Two year olds don’t have far to bend over and Amanda plucked one.  She touched the golden petals, tasted them, and then dropped the flower. 

Minutes passed.  Amanda toddled across the grassy yard, pajama legs dragging the grass.  More yellow flowers.  More grass. 

The sidewalk was next and then the road with all the cars passing by the house.  Amanda reached the curb.  Just step down which she knew how to do.

What happens next?


  1. Hopefully an observant driver screeches to a halt and gets the little sweetie off the road.

  2. A kindly neighbor sees her and escorts her safely home.

  3. A cat comes by and lets her grab his tail, then he leads her back home and after she is inside uses the nearby garden as a litterbox.

  4. Bruno, the Miller's sedentary Collie, laid in the corner, not really paying attention to all the commotion that was going on about him. Then he noticed the bright sun that reflected across the floor. "An open door", he thought. His arthritic hips were bothering him, so he got up very slowly and went over to investigate. Maybe, if no one was looking, he might take a walk outside and do some needed sniffing. Then he noticed Amanda picking up the yellow flowers which were so close to the road. What should he do? He could run and grab her and be the hero. However, his bones were really hurting him and running wasn't something he did often these days. He could bark, but he has been admonished too often for doing that because the nasty neighbors have complained. As he stood there observing an almost disaster, Miss Kitty scooted by him and ran out into the yard. She had spotted a butterfly and was jumping gleefully in the air trying to catch it. All of a sudden, Amanda noticed the bouncing, care-free kitten and ran over to her. It was so much fun to watch that she ran into the house to get her Mommy to show her. Bruno went back to his corner, laid down, and went to sleep. No sniffing today.

    Cats rule!

  5. i hate say what my first reaction was--so i will change it--she turns around :)

  6. Delores--That is one of the preferred scenarios.
    Gail--That is one of the next preferred scenarios.
    Pat---Of course!!!
    Arlene--I love this! Poor Bruno and his arthritis:(
    Lynn--That is another of the preferred endings.

    What happened? Gail is right; I was walking by at just that time and saw the little girl. She held my hand and I walked her to her mama, who had no idea the little girl had gone.

  7. You write the best stories! And I love the look of your blog, it is just beautiful.


  8. She is beamed up to the mother ship and acquainted with a decent mother. . .

  9. Holding my breath for that long isn't good for me - blue really isn't my colour. I am so glad that you were walking by - but I love Arleen's take.

  10. The brothers called out to her and so she turned back and ran towards them! Phew!!

    I am so loving your green leafy blog!! Yay! Take care

  11. DEar Susan, like "The Elephant's Child," I so enjoyed Arleen's completion of the story and I was so happy to learn that you were passing by and take Amanda's hand and led her home. I bet she chatted at you the whole time! Peace.


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