Thursday, March 21, 2013

Delores at myfeatherednest posted some Wednesday Words yesterday.  I wrote something in the comment section, and felt silly afterwords.  The words deserved something more, which Delores wrote today.  Simply lovely.

That in mind, I wrote this today.  Hopefully, it will be better.

Piano in Decay: Grand piano left to the elements; near Millstatt, Austria

Richard ran his fingers lightly along the piano, willing himself to ignore the pain in fragile arthritic fingers.  Had it been so long ago? 

Peeling away the memories of hours spent in solitude at this piano, Richard recalled the joy, the utter joy at playing such a magnificent piano.  

Genius…that was what they called me, then.

The first chord sounded and Richard willed his hands to play the classics once more.


  1. Oh lovely Susan. although....I thought the piece you put in comments was lovely as well.

  2. Very nicely done, pain in the fingers is no fun.

  3. Lovely, Susan!
    This goes perfectly with the picture.


  4. So much talent. I love this melancholy piece, but agree with Delores - I loved the other one as well. A win for us though to have both takes on the Wednesday words. Thank you.

  5. And with the thought of the classics swirling in my mind, I thank you for this and an outdoor piano.

    Be well, Susan.



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