Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The List

Me on a lovely bright beach day

It is a dark room day.
In a dark room house.
Not a creature is stirring,
Not even a m…

Wait!  Wait…I didn’t mean to write that.  Just slipped out of a brain that is on automatic mode.

What does one write when it is a dark room day, when light hurts and sounds skewer the head?

I read Delores at thefeatherednest and Cro at Magnon's Meanderings who created lists of good things, events, memories that remind them of the goodness of living.  Their lists were excellent, as they themselves are excellent.

My list on this dark room day is as follows:

                        Finding the perfect pillow
            Smell of movie theater popcorn
                                    Scent of lavender oil

            A crescent moon in a clear sky
                                    Seeing a baby
                                    Holding a baby

            Memories of Christmas with our children
                                                My husband’s laughter

                        Freshly baked bread
            Real butter

Our granddaughters giggling in the backseat of our car
                                    Reading Little Women for the first time
                        Buying packets of seeds in the spring

            Having a phone

                        Indescribable joy of God’s love and presence
                                    Knowing how to pray

            Picking strawberries with my mother and talking with her, alone
                        Making strawberry jam
                                    Songbirds in the spring

                        Singing and not caring who hears me
                                                Talking with strangers in a line at the market

Watching a returning Marine sweep up his child at the airport
            Knowing that I am loved
                                    An hour without pain
                                                Redwood trees
                        Crème’ Brulee

                                      Holding a quilt made by a great-grandmother
                        Moments of silence
                                    Being able to weep, cry, mourn, laugh, giggle, etc.
                        Possessing empathy

                                                Rhythmic beating of a heart

What would be on your list?


  1. haha singing and not caring who ears, I'd sure strike fears if one did hear. Think you got most at your zoo too.

    1. The best part about singing is that it is for the singer's joy for the most part.

  2. What a terrific list. Doesn't it make you feel good to realize how many simple and wonderful things are in your life?

    1. When the 'good'list far outweighs the 'bad'list, then life is marvelous!

  3. I would have many of the things that you have, except maybe I would add a strawberry ice cream cone in a waffle cone with chocolate sprinkles.

    1. Mine would have vanilla with hot fudge!

  4. PS. I love your picture and your happy face; add that to my list of good things

    1. I was smiling at my baby grandson as the photo was taken.

  5. Remembering the good things in life is, well, a good thing. I loved your list, and your picture.

    1. Everyone should make a list and keep adding to it!

  6. I have a good friend who sufferes debilitating migranes. My sympathy. And, lots of Crème’ Brulee.

    1. When I discovered the calorie count from Creme' Brulee, I almost considered giving it up. Almost.

  7. Dear Susan, I'm so sorry to learn that you're in the midst of a migraine. So much pain.

    Your list is as my young friend says, "Awesome." I need to sit down and think of all the lovely things that bring me comfort and joy and a sense that all is right with my world. Your list ranges far and wee--as cummins says--and I find myself so in sync with it. Thank you for sharing it with us. Peace.

    1. The list is full of big things and 'wee' things, true. That is the way of life, isn't it.

  8. Greetings my human friend, Susan,

    I know that you have been going through those headache woes. And hopefully, along with your positive thoughts, you are now in a better place.

    I'm sure that by verbalising this list and sharing it, has brought you some gentle warmth of heart.

    Nice photo of you, human! :) One thing on my list would be me lazing around on my comfy blanket and wishing that humanity would be more like us precious creatures. A world where humans share non-judgemental, unconditional love.

    Pawsitive wishes to you, my human friend.

    Penny :)

  9. "Indescribable joy of God’s love and presence. Knowing how to pray." - Whoa!!! That one is my favorite.

  10. What a lovely post! Top of my list this week is the sound of my kid's laughter--together. Nothing like siblings laughing and enjoying eachother!!

  11. What a brilliant list. Dawn, dusk, bird song. And books - new and old. Absence from pain deserves a double mention too.

  12. Fabulous list. I'd have to put the sound of rain and a thunderstorm at the top of my list. It's been so long since we've have a good one... The sound of the ocean would be another. My grandmother's laugh, my father's smile, my mother's hands.


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