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Friday, May 25, 2012

Small Stones: Holy Icons

Grandma’s bonnet
Hangs on a white wall under
Faded photos of long-dead sisters.

Tarnished silver forks

Recline in drawers
From Great-Grandma.

Plates from Great-Great-Grandma
Line mirrored hutch shelves.

Not all can be kept—
Card, ribbons, and remnants of their lives
Made holy
By hands that held them.

Will my own children,
Great grandchildren
Find my treasures



By memories
of my hands?


  1. Oh I hope so.... The little family items we treasure mean so much to us. I wonder what will happen to them after we pass on.

    1. I fear my 'kids' will put them on EBay or send them to GoodWill. Maybe I should pre-empt them?

  2. I hope so too. The older I get the more I treasure things from my parents and grandparents...I would hope that someday mine will do the same! Great post to ponder and loved your writing too!

    1. Thanks, Melody-Mae, for your comments! Who knows what legacies our descendants will value...

  3. All kinds of treasures are found when one least expects them, sure someone will come along and find them.

    1. When I go to an antique store, that is what I find to be true...

  4. Such treasures and thoughts to behold. 'Icon' see where you're coming from with this. Sorry, that was silly.
    May your Memorial Day weekend be peaceful and positive.

    1. Silliness is always welcome and appreciated here, you know that!

  5. Yes, I think of the same things. Unless they are of monetary value, they mean little to those who did not know the people who originally owned them. However, they are only things, and that dimple you see on you grandchild's cheek that was the same that you saw on your mom, priceless.

  6. Oh I am sure they will! What a beautiful poem. My husband's Grandma left behind simple treasures that the whole family shared in. Lovely post!
    Blessings, Joanne

  7. Dear Susan, yes they will because you are leaving good memories behind. And how do I know it? By the care with which you fashion your blog and speak of your family. Peace.

  8. Hi, Susan! Great post! I just cleaned out my house - down to the bare walls and floors, and the only thing that I saved were mementos of my grandparents, parents long-since-lost and old friends. It's funny how insignificant items can be so loved. Your work will be loved, as well ...

  9. Oh I hope so!! I hope your descendants keep these treasured keepsakes!!

    Take care

  10. hah, I wonder about that same thing as well. I save things for my son but what if he has no interest in them?

  11. You've posed some thought-provoking questions...
    Will the future generation place as much sentimental value on treasures passed down from previous generations, as we do?


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