Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PhotoPrompt Monday: The Old Barn

The Old Barn Door
Old Barn Door
Silence reigns in silvered wood beams.
A speckled pigeon wings out between rotted planks.
Dust motes rise through shafts of sun.

Where are you?  Where did you go?

Tools lie unused, rusting on plank floors.
Leather harnesses with leads crack and fall.
Rats rustle in the musty hay loft,
Remnants of a summer long past.

Come back!  Come back to me!
I long to hear the cows’ lowing and the sound
Of fresh milk hitting the bucket!

The smell of fresh mowed clover stacked
For winter!

Where are the children who climbed to my rafters--
Leaping into the air with only a rope
Between the loft and the floor?

Silence rings as surely as a gong.
The old barn door stays closed,
Guarded by weeds and rusted hinges.

Time and the timeless

Our old barn was built with solid oak timber beams and wooden pegs.  Built in the 1860s, it lasted 120 years.  We kids spent hours climbing and exploring the barn, knew every stair, trestle, trap-doors, stalls, hayloft—I can feel it now.


  1. When you think of the labour entailed in putting a barn together it really makes you wonder about the mentality that lets them fall apart and stand empty. I'm right there with you...

  2. This is a beautiful poem. It's amazing that it lasted 120 years. Thanks for sharing your vivid childhood memories with us. No wonder you are such a creative person. Julie

    1. Memories are the best source for such writing. Glad you enjoyed the peek.

  3. To sum it up in 3 words... sincere, warm-hearted and wistful!

    1. Seeing old buildings disintegrating saddens me, even though it is inevitable.

  4. What a beautiful and touching poem! And I love the photo, great picture for a prompt.

    1. Wouldn't you just love to pry open that door?!!

  5. I wish I had had an old barn to explore. Loved this.

  6. Love the barn door and such elegant words....my grandparents lived on a farm so it brought back sweet memories!

  7. --Time & Timelessness Together---

    I like that. <3

  8. I loved exploring my grandparents' old barn as a kid. Well captured. Love "silvered wood beams."

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, road tripping through the #atozchallenge participants!

  9. A sad and beautiful truth. Can you imagine anything built today lasting that long? Or having charm as it ages. Modern buildings seem to decay into concrete cancer and rust. The buildings built by hand with love and craftsmenship last.


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