Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yellow Airplane

Delores at myfeatherednest

Flying in this yellow box with wings and engine, Florence clutched her new Coach handbag.  It cost her $600, and dammit, she deserved it.

When her fiance, Winthrop, decided to take her up in his brother's plane, Florence hesitated.  James was an excellent pilot, she had been told.

After a spectacular loop and bank, Winthrop turned to her with a giant diamond ring in hand, "Will you marry me, Flo?"

Florence looked at him in a daze.  She opened her $600 Coach handbag.  "Blaaah!" and she threw up.


  1. Snort.....that was a good one. Hubs really liked it.

  2. Some guys have the best timing.

  3. *chuckles*... talk about bad timing!
    ... and Win probably thought he was being so cool.

  4. This was great! Just when I was getting my courage up to participate next week....If you and Delores supply the prompts, I'll try to write something, but it will probably be more fun to watch the geniuses at work! Julie

  5. Empty Nest Insider: It is always more tempting (much more tempting) to watch the geniuses as work. I played this week, it is your turn next.

    I loved this - and would probably have thrown up before he could get the proposal out. Into his lap.


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