Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PhotoPrompt #4

From Delores at "myfeatherednest"!

“Papa!  Oh, Papa!  Look
at that car!  Oh, it is a
lovely color!”
“Oh, Daddy!  See the horse
and the carriage!  Oh, I want one
for us, instead of this
ugly car.”
“Oh, dear girl!  We wouldn’t
want one of those!
Do you know how much
those cost?  And
the up-keep?”
“But, Papa!  Remember
when we took Oma to
the hospital in the
City far away?  How
quickly we moved?
We could use it for things like
But, Daddy!  Remember
how much fun we
had at the farm we
visited?  How happy
we were currying
the horse?”
“Listen!  The smell alone
would drive us crazy!
The cost of food/gas? 
Have you seen how much
a gallon/bale of hay
costs these days? 
And keeping it clean is
a messy job.
No.  We can’t buy one.
We don’t need it.”
“Yes, Papa…”
 “Okay, Daddy…”

Arleen at Starting Over, Accepting Changes  

Wind off the ocean caught the veil, pulling it away from Patti’s face.  Her smile lit up and Bill whispered, “Well, we knew we were stepping into a gale force wind when we got engaged….”

They both laughed, glancing back at the two families in their folding chairs.  Neither family was happy about this wedding; their anxious faces expressed their apprehensions.

You’re too young…You hardly know each other...Are you pregnant...He’s a Marine, he’ll always be deploying somewhere…and the arguments against the wedding were long.

As the wedding proceeded, the families watched the two young people gaze at each other.  Their faces glowed as the sun began to set.  The words could barely be heard over the ocean wind, but the love Patti and Bill shared was clear.

As the final vows were said and the pronouncement “Husband and Wife!” given, anxious faces had evolved into joyful ones. 

The wind blended the laughter and tears with the setting sun. 


  1. Two great jobs......that beach wedding prompt was a delight.

  2. The beach wedding was great, but I loved the first the best hahaha so true about cars being a ton of trouble and expense, but they do come in handy.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Quite the contrast here. To have a horse or not. All I know is that we have a lot of horses go by our house. And wouldn't you know it, the horses poo right where I want to park my car! :)
    Thus, nicely balanced with the beach wedding.
    Have a peaceful day, my friend.

  4. A winning combination! The last line at the beach wedding is a classic! Julie

  5. Sometimes, when I get a big bill from the auto mechanic, I think we should go back to horse and buggy times.

    Nice job on both pictures.


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