Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Where the Sun Don't Shine

Had this watering can forty years. it was old when I found it.

Still works like it was new.

Does a touch up for dry plants. 

Lilac bush still surviving. Didn’t think it could do that.

Other two dried to crackling. Nearly broke my heart.

This geranium has had a long run, and made it. Nearly dead when we got here. 

Food and water. Food and water. All it needed.

Sneaky things are weeds.  There, trying to hide like it’s one of geraniums. 

Who’d it think it could fool?

Grabbed it, pulled, gave a little, then broke off above the ground.

Silly weed.  Don’t it know a weed-killing old woman sees it?

Gotta pull a weed out until white and straggling hair roots see light. 

Then weed’s over and done with.

I am not a vicious person by nature, but weeds affect me in a strange way.


  1. Weeds get my dander up too. I go out after rain while the ground is still soft and pull what I can, although I have to admit I don't get many. If I miss one and it gets too big I usually dig it out, I can't pull too much these days.

    1. Since we have had more rain than usual, we have more weeds than normal. I have the same problem when it comes to pulling them out.

  2. I love pulling weeds. It is addictive and very satisfying.

    1. I remember hoeing potatoes, rows and rows of potatoes. Thinking of my brothers helped the energy level.

  3. Can see pics now, when it works it works

  4. I enjoy smiting weeds too. They don't seem to take it personally because their offsprings always seem to come back to replace them.

  5. Weeds are a great way to release aggression:)
    I miss lilacs......


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