Friday, March 18, 2016

Any port

Allied troops trapped on Dunkirk beach
Before Edmund left for service in France, Martha kissed his golden hair and smashed his cap over it.  "Now, keep it under your hat!"  They both laughed as the train left the station.

After Edward’s death at Dunkirk, Martha made a reluctant pilgrimage to the strand each day.  She stared, with tears drifting down her cheeks, at rough stormy seas.  Debris from broken and destroyed ships washed into the dilapidated port. 

“Where else could it go?” She whispered bitterly.  “I guess it truly is any port in a storm.”

She turned and slowly walked away on wet sand.

This week the words are provided by Margaret Adamson.

Every week, we are given a selection of prompts; what we do with those prompts is up to the blogger.  Try a short story, poem, song, prose, or nothing at all.
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  1. Not a port anyone wants to come due

  2. A poignant truth for too many. And a lovely write.

    1. Learning about Dunkirk was a harsh truth.

      Mrs. Miniver was a movie all should see. Greer Garson and Walter Pigeon.

  3. Sad...and when reading this...I couldn't help thinking of one of my favourite stories of all time...since I was a child...Paul Gallico's "The Snow Goose". It never ceases to make me cry.

    And when I was a kid Herbert Marshall's narration of the story was truly marvellous. Richard Harris did a cover version of it in the early's good...but it's not as wonderful as Marshall's original version.

  4. That is a book that I don't know (of which there are many)! Will look it up.
    The narrations must have been marvelous. Both good actors.

  5. Replies
    1. Dunkirk is one of the many WW2 stories. Dunkirk also showed the dedication and stoicism of the English people.


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