Friday, February 26, 2016

Community, Casseroles, and Connections

Olympic Sport

As in other countries, for example, Norwegian Curling  or Irish Hurling, hometowns in Pike County, Illinois, their own particular events occur.

All would agree that basketball, baseball, soccer, football, wrestling, and any other sport is played across America.   These games start in the early years on elementary school, heading up through high school, and maybe on to college.  Then onto a friendship that is shared.  All observers would be correct

1998 All Ireland Hurling.jpg
An extremely passionate sport, county against county. Many injuries.
Community is an important, maybe even vital, word.  It means being part of a group of people who join together in anything from a potluck before a city council meeting to box derbies to parades and, most important, funerals and honoring veterans.  Locals join together just for connections that keep binding people, one to one another.

Coon Hunters Club    
Pike County, Illinois, is a prime spot for hunting of all kinds of wild animals.  (Lock up your cows.)

Annual Pole Shed Open.
The hole at Eagle Valley Farms was a par 10. Jennifer Wellman worked her way through the obstacles of toy tractors filled with corn, a water fall, toy combines and silos. According to Dustin Morrow, chairman of the event, the final tally for fundraising was not available at press time but Morrow said the event was a huge success. Money will go for ag scholarships and other events and materials needed by the Pittsfield High School FFA. (Photo by Beth Zumwalt/Pike Press)

Jennifer Wellman (obviously a pro in Pike County,) confronts and then swiftly wends her way through various obstacles of toy tractors loaded with corn, a water fall, and even toy combines and silos. As a fundraising event, the final tally total was not given yet according to Dustin Morrow.  The event was a rousing success.  Money will be applied to ag scholarships, as well as other events and funding for Pittsfield High school FFA.
Photo taken by Beth Zumwalt/Pike Press

Cal Rodgers-Wright Racer
First Continental Crossing

Probably August is a biggest month my hometown community celebration.  It is a remembrance of a landing of Vin Fiz plane, piloted by Cal Rodgers.  He was the first to make a continental flight, funded by millionaire William Hearst. (Who would pay Rodgers at the completion of the flight, if he met required time.  He missed the date by 15 days.  Hearst reneged on paying him..

This annual event has events with multiple activities. a grand parade, car show, and awesome BBQ.  Having been to one or two of the Vin Fiz day, I agree this community activity is excellent.  (I wrote a blog post about this event some time ago.)

It is a certainty that other annual events exist and bind communities together. No matter the event, friends and neighbors will be there, probably with a casserole.

Wish I were there.


  1. A community with a heart...perfect.

  2. Coming together is a great way to build relationships, in most anything.

    1. We don't participate enough in events like these.

  3. I think that community is one of the biggest casualties of social media. Which is, I know, a community of its own - but the connections are so much more tenuous.

    1. ...and the face-to-face conversations have suffered. time spent together is important, which is failing from the electronic world.

  4. I like the idea of community far more than I like being part of one. I don't enjoy "joining in" just because everyone else is. Doing things together with a group of people day in, day out, years at a time, doesn't appeal to me. I agree communities are a fine thing, but I'll stay alone.

  5. Children's sports and community activities are a catalyst in making lifelong friends.

  6. I am trying to get more involved with many of the "communities" around here since I moved and had time to join in with things and volunteer my time. I can honestly say I am enjoying my life much more now than when I was working all the hours given and the only people I ever got to spend time with were my work colleagues when not at home with my family!! Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  7. It would be great to be there. Husband now following our Six Nations Rugby Contest and wishing he could still play :0)

  8. I have joined a community here in the canyon: CERT, Volunteering, and Crochet. It has helped me move forward. Making new friends at my age is a blessing.


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