Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X is for Xenon

...and here's the letter X!
Xenon is amazingly one of the most boring word and topic imaginable.  

Seriously.  Xenon fulfills the need for “X is for…”

Even so, here are a few, very few facts about Xenon:

Xenon’s symbol on Elements chart is Xe .

Xenon’s atomic # is 54.

Xenon’s weight is 131.293.

…Word origin is a Greek term for “Stranger”.

…It was discovered by Scottish William Ramsey and English Morris Travers in 1898.

…It was totally useless until it was combined with fluorine and oxygen to produce light.

Huzzah for X is for Xenon!  

Wait, just a minute now...Xenon is actually useful, in that car headlights blind us all now and then.  And, Xenon would be a cool name to give to your newborn child.  And, if you want to mess with someone's mind, you could throw Xenon in a conversation just to confuse people.  It would elevate you into the zone of gifted intelligentsia.  Think what you will. 

Xenon logo
Light works for me.



  1. So....every xenon is a friend you haven't met yet????

  2. Rocking the X Factor. That's kind of a hard one, it's cool that the couple I've seen this morning aren't even duplicates!

  3. Since I barely passed Chrmistry, I looked the word up. I also found that I could buy it on e-Bay. I have now learned two things today, and that is two more than I learned yesterday.

  4. Name your kid Xenon - that would be a cruel trick.

    1. Oh, it would brand him for the rest of his life. Or maybe he would like its uniqueness.

  5. Xenon couldn't be stranger? lol

  6. Xenon! Yeah!
    Stephen Tremp
    A-Z Co-host
    X is for Xenoglossy

  7. Ramsey and Travers may have discovered it but they sure couldn't spell it. What's an X doing where a Z should be? Zenon --is it too much to ask of science?

    1. Who knows? Maybe there was a place for X on the table of elements

  8. I wondered what you would post for X.
    Xenon is a word I probably wouldn't ever use, it just doesn't come up in conversation very often.

  9. No. No weird names! Although, this one I can pronounce.

  10. Maybe we could introduce Xenon to Xena Princess Warrior. I could definitely see some significant sparks between them.


  11. My husband once explained the "noble gas" triad to me. Before I nodded off: helium, neon, and xenon. Xenon--so glad I had a chance to use it.


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