Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Measure of a Great Summer

Summer is just starting.  Soon fireworks will burst in the sky and "ahhhh...ooohhh" will drift upwards.

Summer is measured in so many ways.  Not by time or clocks or calendars, but by all things intangible is summer measured. 

Summer is measured by:

* amount of fireflies caught and held in a quart jar. 

Summer....Watching fireflies/lightning bugs...I have only ever seen them once. It was amazing.:
young boy eating corn on the cob

* first good ear of sweet corn covered with butter.

* wrinkled fingers of my grandchildren after swimming all day.

* by splashes in the pool by children of all ages.

*  number of the SPF in the sunblock lotion.

* by how high the A/C is set.

* by lack of football games on TV.

* by sales of summer clothes at JCPenney.

Can you add to the list?  I wonder how many measurements our blogging community can add?


  1. Summer is indeed here and one can only soak up in the sun and eat endless ice lollies. Great thoughts and thanks for sharing!

  2. The AC is a big one. Also by how much sweat dose run lol

  3. Summer is measured in ice cream cones, grass cuttings and visits by grandchildren, by water pistol fights and naps on the porch.

  4. I am so ready to leave summer to you.
    Here one of the signs that it is on its way is the plethora of 'bikini-ready' diet plans being touted.
    And cicada song.

  5. You don't want my list. I'm not a fan of summer.

  6. All good stuff. I'd add watermelon and ice cream! Bike rides and long strolls. And on and on it goes :)

  7. Summer is here in the UK, our weather has been incredibly hot!
    I enjoyed some fresh British strawberries earlier tonight a sure sign that summer is here!

    All the best Jan

  8. the sound of the bug zapper in the yard, a house full of kids (yay!), water hose fights to cool down, and mom in the blowup pool (ha!) :)

  9. Dear Susan, summer is measured by the deepening sweat stain around the rim of my baseball cap; by the addition of ice cubes to my tea; and by the wearing of T-shirts around the house without you know what binding me! Peace.


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