Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Questions....

Why are they making the print smaller in newspapers and phone books?

Where did I leave the magnifying glasses?

Does anyone know where I left my readers?

(While watching TV and during commercials) Does anyone remember what we were watchng?

You know that show we always watch cause we love it so much, you know the one, what's its name?

Have we had lunch today?  From “myfeatherednest/Delores”

You know what I forgot to do today? Go to jury duty. No joke. The lady at the courthouse was very forgiving, but I'm so embarrassed. So I received the answer to my question today, "What kind of person forgets to go to jury duty?" Answer: the 15 week pregnant, over-stressed, busy writing mother of three kind. Geez.  E.R. King

I would also add What am I cooking for dinner?, and
Can I convince anyone else to do it?  The Elephant’s Child

Good lists! Why does the cat sleep on my keyboard?  Joanne

Yes, "How does one avoid liver spots?"

And "Where did those dark circles come from?"

Dee from “Coming Home to Myself”

You would think that as we get older, we would have less questions. When we were younger the questions we asked were more intangible, as we age, they are more about getting through the day.  Arleen/Starting Over…

I always scout out bathroom locations and keep track of where the rest stops are if I'm traveling. It's that or not drink any liquids.

A Faraway View

Sandi has left a new comment on your post "The Big Questions":

Oh boy, do I ever relate to this! Here are my current questions:
"What's it called?" (for just about everything)
"Did I take my vitamin?"
"Did I feed the dog?"
"What day is this?" (particularly when I have to go pick my students up from specialist. It matters which day it is!)
"Class, now we're going to . . . what were we going to do???"

Other suggestions?
Who ate the last doughnut?
Did you remember to wash your hands, ______?
What did we need to buy?
Why do guys wear their jeans down around their knees, Grandma?
Grandma, is that fat man going to have a baby?

I realize this is a casual, off-the-cuff post, but I enjoyed the answers.
Thanks.  Susan


  1. Do you have to keep reminding me? Uh, I guess so.

    Wrote By Rote

  2. Life is just one big question mark isn't it???

  3. The print is smaller because their cheap, it's not your eyesight or anything silly like many questions indeed.

  4. Yes, Lee, we need to think about important things like that, or else we will embarrass ourselves.

    Delores, you are correct. As any 3 yr. old will tell us, "What/why/how come..."

    Pat--you are wise beyond your years. Yes, they are trying to cram as much info in a small space.

  5. Dear Susan,
    I so related to nearly all of these questions. Oh, life, truly is a merry-go-round. As we age, we swirl back to where we first got on this ride and become questioners again! How wonderful!


  6. I LOVE this especially since I recently just got my first pair of glasses ;)

  7. Elisa--hang onto them. They have a habit of disappearing!
    Dee--Yes, a merry-go-round! We can ask those questions and not be considered irritating!

  8. The older I get the more questions I have!


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