Thursday, September 3, 2020

You've Got to Be Carefully Taught

My parents were part of a strict Protestant sect in a rural town in the Midwest. Our town's population was about 450, including farm families. There were four churches of different denominations, and most of them were also strict.

No movies, no dancing, eating where liquor was served, basically the choices for a date was also strict.

Not only was it a strict place, but a white bread place. I had never seen a person of different color, race, faith until I was in college. The world was opened up, somewhat scary and always exciting. South Pacific was much the same, but heartbreaking in conflict of WW2, meeting indigent peoples. Respect? 

West Side Story, we have seen it in many stage plays.  The social, political, and people of that era says so much the 50s didn't say.

South Pacific stage play

West Side Story

What I watched and understood as a teenager morphed as I became an adult. Great musical, great actors and voice! Great messages, if you look for them.

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