Monday, September 12, 2016

WenWords...Lies, Outrageous Lies

10' dia wheel
windmill blades
for sale as wall art

Danny burst through his apartment door, staggering and dripping from rain.  He stripped down naked.  He wanted to be cold, so cold that every part of his body shivered. Freezing cold.

Danny had flown headfirst into a relationship with Kerry, lovely lovely Kerry. Then he quickly discovered Kerry was superb at creating an intricate windmill of lies

These were so perposterous, linked together with a weaver's skill. Each lie was more elaborate than previous ones. Only Kerry could make her deception an art form.

Yes, Danny wanted to shiver, freeze to excape Kerry's windmill.

WedWords were first created years ago by Delores.  She did great battles with her computer and then took time to heal.  Delores can be found in Google Plus, writing and enjoying herself.

For the month of September, Elephant's Child will host wonderful words provided by Margaret Adamson and friend Sue. Go to E.C. and see what others have written, and feel the urge to join this entertaining time.


  1. So many people spin lies like a windmill....great job.......Delores

    1. Good to see your name! I have known some people like that.

  2. Many sure can spin lies and make them sound good

  3. You know a relationship is bad when freezing to death is the best option.

  4. Methinks Kerry needs her own story. She'd probably be the villain, but what a villain.

  5. Oh what fun. And how nice to have a female making a male suffer for love.

  6. Maybe Kerry is planning a career in politics.

    That dismantled windmill would look kind of nice on a wall in the right decor.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  7. Poor Danny, I hope he realises that freezing isn't such a good idea and there are other ways to get over Kerry.
    I've also only just now noticed that a windmill would make a great wall clock.

  8. You can tell him I said to grieve for a minute and then be glad he found out and move on. :)

    1. Grieve or may feel like he escaped? I know what I would choose.


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