Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Hand in Hers


One of the best and heart breaking journals of facing a death of a parent has been written by a fellow blogger, Sandra Tyler at her site, A Writer Weaves a Tale.

In the last years of her beloved mother's life, Sandra keeps a diary in  form of her blog.  Step by step, she writes how her talented mother loses the battle to retain her memories and talent.  What is never doubted, her mother loved Sandra with a fierceness that only a mother can hold.**

My husband John's mother, Dorothy Kane recently died.  It was the type of death she had prayed she would have:  in bed, sleeping and drifting away.

Many of my blogger friends thought that this was my mother who had just died. I so appreciated the sympathy comments on that blog.  Comforting words lift the heart and spirit.  

For 43+ years, Dorothy Kane HAS been a mother to me. I called her "Mom" from the day of my marriage to her oldest son, John. In the last few years of her life, she told me frequently "You weren't born as one of my children, but you are my daughter."

God bless all who have had to let go of hands who held yours  all your life.

**Sandra Tyler's credentials are astounding.  She had written two books, Blue Glass and After Lydia.  Please visit her site! 


  1. She was your mother in almost every sense of the word. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. She was sure your mother too by the sounds of it. Family doesn't always have to be blood.

  3. To know you picked the right mother in law is priceless. My daughter selected wisely, and Ruth is a dear friend and part of my life.

  4. Sounds like you were very precious to each other, blood related or not.

  5. Blood ties have very little to do with family. It sounds as if both you and she were lucky and your family grew with your marriage.

  6. How nice you had a mother-in-law who was more mother and less in-law. I'm sorry for your and your husband's loss.

  7. Blood ties, family ties; behind me I have neither; in front of me I have children&partners and grandchildren who love me as much as I love them.
    I think it's wonderful that your mother in law considered you a daughter.

  8. Many thanks to each one who commented here. I wish I could reach out to each of you with a great hug!

    I think my right ring finger knuckle has been dislocated. Dang.


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