Monday, September 24, 2012

Bad Moon Rising

From Wikipedia

Must make a confession:
I know the first lines of a thousand songs, maybe. 
Singing that first line, over and over,
Grows old fast.

Music from the 70s
Comes on, and I smile.
I know the first line,
I will hum the rest.

Years and years ago,
Hearing “Bad Moon Rising” (Creedence Clearwater),
I never understood the chorus.
WHAT? you ask.

What I heard was
“There’s a bathroom on the right…”
Which didn’t make any sense to me then.
Now, I would really appreciate knowing that.


  1. they didn't enunciate

  2. I know the first line to many too, then some are just scrambled after that. Bad Moon Rising is a good one, most songs I can tell people which movie they've been in at least, this one My Fellow Americans.

    1. I really like them--they produced some great songs. Wonder if they will ever perform out here?

  3. If I don't follow the bouncing yellow ball, I still hear a bad moon on the right.

    1. Which doesn't make sense, does it? Neither did bathroom on the right.

  4. Replies
    1. I know! It was a shock for me when my husband told me the real words.

  5. Dear Susan, so glad to learn that other people can't always hear the correct lyrics in many songs of the last thirty or forty years. Like you, though, I'm less interested in the bad moon and as often desperate to find the bathroom! Especially in a restaurant or a shopping mall of when I'm headed a distance somewhere! Peace.

    1. Whenever we traveled overseas, "Where is the bathroom?" is the first phrase I learned in whatever language. Somethings are important.

  6. haha i think a lot of us thought that susan----sometimes when i am in the car and an oldie comes on, i just sort of mumble to the words i never knew--and hope robyn or frank don't call me on it :)

  7. Holy cow! My sister used to sing that very thing!!


  8. There is a book with all the songs athat people sing the wrong lyrics too... I think it's title is "There's a bathroom on the right!" I gave it as a gift to a friend a long time ago and she loved it. It was too funny.
    Thanks for the true lyrics i loved singing along.
    Blessings, Joanne


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