Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas in the Sock Drawer

It is Christmas everywhere, and the sock drawer is no different.  Sock drawers everywhere gather on Christmas Eve to celebrate this special night; they don’t understand it, but they recognize its importance.

The leaders of this tight-knit community are the compression socks.  Being the most expensive and well-traveled, they have stay mated for many years.  Given the honor of being hand-washed, they have maintained their close bond for an eternity in sock-time.

“Alright then, everyone!  Everyone, let’s welcome our newcomers to Sock Drawer:  Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph, Mr. and Mrs. Snowmen, and Mr. and Mrs. Candy Cane!  We are glad to see some new heels and toes!”

The newcomers chuckle, and respond, “At Kohl’s, only 3 for $5!  Buy them now!”  They were limited in their language, being recently made in China.

Other theme socks gather around them in welcome.  Some were still with their mates, but most were now singles.  It is a sad fact in Sock Drawer that some mates never return from Land of Wash and Dry.  

“Let’s move on to the lighting of the tree!”  Mrs. Compression Sock called.  The one Christmas Tree sock came forward, followed by the white athletic socks carrying a mini-flashlight that had slid back into the corner, under a bunch of tangle knee-highs stockings (who were above a plebeian gathering like this).

With great ceremony, the oldest solo sock came forward.  It was a surgical slipper, brought to the drawer over ten years ago.  Ragged and faded with a chevron rubber pattern on the sole, it hobbled forward, its elastic nearly gone.

"Stretch your toes a little and join together as we light the tree!"  It pronounced in a thin worn voice.  A lone mitten clicked on flashlight.  A spontaneous sigh of awe erupted.  The newcomers were overcome, and wept, “95% cotton, 5% spandex!”

Mr. Compression sock cleared his throat and began singing the Christmas hymn, and was soon joined by footwear alike.

“Oh, Come all you footwear!  Cotton and Acrylic!
Oh come ye, oh come ye, to our Christmas sock!
Made in China, Vietnam and India.
Oh come ye plaids and sportswear!
Oh come ye plains and Gold Toes!
Oh come woolens and elastic
To see the Christmas tree!”

No gifts were exchanged, none were needed.  The time together, perhaps for this one time only, was enough.

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  1. Ah, the festive sock drawer.. the only comparison I can draw is the excitement in the Christmas sweater drawer as the big day draws closer.

  2. I got rid of my Christmas sweaters during a desperate hot-flash. They were looking a little ratty and too teacher-ish anyway.

  3. Woe is me. I have no decorative socks, no Christmas sweater, not even a Christmas pin. I have never been the festive kind. Oh, wait a minute, I do have a scarf with a little jingle bell on it that someone, who does not like me, gave to me as a present (sure it was a re-gift). I can celebrate now. Let the festivities begin and may the socks sing out with joy!

    Susan, this is a very clever post.

  4. Dear Susan,
    No socks, but some T-shirts and sweat shirts with which I celebrate the season. I wonder if they gather with the three cats each night after I'm sound sleep and celebrate the season with dance and yowl, miaow and skip. Oh, you imaginative one you, thank you for the thought.


  5. Too funny and so clever! Next time I look in my sock drawer I'm sure to smile in memory!

  6. I am with starting over. No socks. No jumpers (sweaters), not even a festive t-shirt. I do have two pairs of festive earrings. The newest have flashing lights in them. Perhaps they can start the festive dance of the earrings (of which I have major many).

  7. This is so clever! I love how the compression socks are "the leaders of this tight-knit community!" I just saw your family pictures, and I enjoyed reading both of your blogs! Julie

  8. This is soo cute and witty.

    Plus, you've reminded me that I need some cute socks for Christmas :)

  9. Love this! My daughter is a sock maniac!
    blessings, Joanne

  10. Joanne--my daughter is one, too. She is a teacher, and her theme socks are important to her.
    Elisa--Go to Kohl's; they are right by every single register!
    Empty Nester--I own sev. pair of compression socks; the price of age, and poor circulation, I guess.
    Elephant's Child--just dump the earrings in a drawer or box, and let them have a go. I bet there will be many memories made!
    Brianna--I have always suspected that something was going on in my sock drawer. Even the bras have a sneaky look about them.
    Dee--Do you have any flannel Christmas pj's? I am going to get some this week. My granddaughters expect me to dress in style on the 25th.
    Golden Eagle--Socks have a life of their own. I had some pairs that creeped down my feet thru the day.


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