Monday, February 21, 2011

My Valentine Queen

Easter 1959

My 83 year-old mother was a beautiful young woman and is still a beautiful woman.  Oh, I know, you have to look beyond the aging, but the eyes still sparkle with the spirit and beauty that was and is my mom.

It is hard for a previously independent person to slowly discover  all that was is slipping away.  That came for my mother this past year, when she suffered three severe in-home accidents.  The last one nearly killed her, and it was like God was shouting to all of us, “Time to give up self-pride, and go where the precious person will be taken care of and kept safe!”
Mom, in the red sweater

It has been difficult for all of us, especially her.  Phone calls reveal her pain and frustration.  But, on Monday Feb. 14, she called me.  Her voice was my young mom’s voice, filled with laughter and clever thoughts.  “Well, Susie!  You’ll never guess what I am!  I am the ‘Valentine Queen’ of Eastside Care!...”  She went on and told me about the big party the staff put on, and how every resident and staff member voted, and she won the Valentine crown!  Not only that, everyone has been “…bowing and scraping, calling me ‘Your Majesty’ as I pass…”  And then she laughed, just like she used to when we were in her kitchen on the farm, listening to the radio. 
I miss you, Mom.

I will take and treasure all the laughter she can give me, my Valentine Queen.


  1. My mum recently moved into a care home. It's a very difficult thing to do, giving up independence, even though she knows she has to.

    Seeing your photo - I love San Diego. I lived there for 10 years. Now I live in North Devon, UK (the weather here's a bit different).

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It's good to meet you.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, sharing your own painful passage.
    I love the UK. We lived in Ireland years ago, and took weekend trips to England. Never made it to North Devon, but I do understand the weather being different.
    San Diego is wonderful. Come and visit. We have a guest bedroom.

  3. What a lovely story! After living alone for so many years, your Mom may be enjoying the company much more than she expected. After all, she's the Valentine Queen!


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