Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My secret love

There are very few TV programs I enjoy.  My husband is an-almost-indiscriminant watcher of TV.  He loves having a DVR, and records anything that might be about poker, the Universe, Black Holes, science fiction,  golf,  physics/math/chemistry, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis…well, you can see his mind bent.
 For me, TV viewing needs to have certain parameters:
  • No car chases
  • No  formulaic plot line
  • No gratuitous near-nudity
  • No thinly veiled political correctness
So far I have effectively eliminated almost every show on TV.  That leaves very few choices.
Fortunately there are the food related programs namely "Cake Boss".
Hoboken, New Jersey, here I come!  For there, I will find Carlos’ Bakery and meet the man of my dreams:  Buddy. 
Buddy, how I thrill at the thought of your Italian pastries!  Oh, I long to bite into the flaky, creamy custard filled ‘lobster tail’ that is made with obscene amounts of butter and cream.  I want to stand in front of the glass case that is filled with delightful creations, and hear your sister Mary yell out, “Well, are you gonna buy somethin’, or you wanta just drool?”
Oh, Buddy, I want to sit across the table from you and order the most incredible, impossible cake and see what you create.  You made the Zombie cake today, and my heart nearly stopped.  Your tribute to the circus world was pure artistry. 


  1. You might also like a show... I think it's called, "The best I ever ate" and it profiles a different type of food each time....soup, cake, burger, etc. These famous food people talk about a restaurant with lust in their eyes, and then you get to travel to that restaurant and see it prepared. It's really fun.

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