Thursday, February 17, 2011

Electronic Books! Bah!

My husband thinks he wants one of those electronic books.  The Kindle ™ started off a few years ago, and cost upwards of $300.  Now the knock-offs are between $100-150, and he thinks he would like one.

I know better.  I bought him an iPod for Christmas a few years back.  Our son loaded some songs on it, and my husband took it.  Somewhere.  He doesn’t really know where it is, and it has been two years since he last saw it.  It is a source of tension between us, since I spent about $290 on it, after hearing him wax on and on in praise of the iPod.  It was a cute turquoise, about the size of a miniature box of matches.  Maybe that was the problem; it was just too darn small.  He is in stage 3 of the search for the thing, which means I have asked him about it again, and he has initiated a third search for it.

The electronic book is bigger, though, and a ‘book cover’ can be purchased to make the device seem more like a book.  The problem is that my husband reads mainly in the bathroom, for looonnnnnggg stretches of time.  I know he is done when I hear the sound of the paper book hitting the tile floor, and then the flush.  He couldn’t do that with an electronic book.  Also, he likes to underline thoughts, words, ideas, etc. in the books.  It doesn’t matter what kind of book it is.  Fiction, nonfiction, science fiction—he underlines things.  It takes a little work to underline things in an electronic book, and seems to be a waste of time.  Finally, he likes to own books; he likes to take one off the shelf, and thumb through it.  It makes him feel almost rich, having shelves of books. 

No, I don’t see the purchase of any type of electronic book in the future, but then he may go behind my back and get one.  That would be unwise, very unwise on his part.  I would not be happy. 


  1. I'm leaning in that direction myself. Then again, I really like having books. It'll happen eventually.

  2. I just came back from Barnes and Noble with 5 new paperbacks and one deep discount hardback. I bought these real books, even though I have a Kindle and could probably download the books cheaper than buying them. I do like having books on my shelf. But the Kindle is just so convenient!!! No longer do you have to wait to order a book through Amazon or go to the bookstore. When traveling, the Kindle is all you need. AND the biggest plus of all, when you really want to finish a book but you have all sorts of household chores to do....You just plug in the earphones on your kindle and it will read to you as you wash dishes or fold laundry. I love my Kindle as a complement to my books!

  3. I keep saying it: when they can make a Kindle smell like a book I'll consider it


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