Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Blow Out Candles

vladimir putin birthday
October 7th was Vladimir Putin's 65th birthday and many wishes of health and happiness to him. May God gift him with all that he deserves.

May God gift him, indeed, since Putin is a man with a variety of interesting qualities.

Patriarch Krill of the Russian Orthodox church endorsed Putin's election.  He stated that Putin's terms were a "miracle of God" during the election of 2012.  Since collapse of USSR and lifted oppression of faithful believers, Patriarch Krill has joined an alliance with state.

The Church even supported Putin's decision to move into Crimea and Ukraine.

Putin is apparently a believer with his religious awakening occurring after serious life-threatening event in his personal life in 1990s. In his early years, his mother had baptized him secretly when a baby and took him to services (held in secret). 

His mother gave him his baptismal cross before a trip to Israel, and asked him to have it blessed.  "I did as she said and then put the cross around my neck.  I have never taken it off since."
putin horse
Happy trails
Putin's confessor (according to rumors) is Russian Orthodox Bishop Tikhoshevkunov.

Putin is also actively involved in protection of rare species as Chairman of Russian Geographical Society Board of Trustees.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
Assad and his supporter Putin
Forget about Syria!  

Forget about Crimea and Ukraine!

Forget about Iran and his support of their nuclear program!

Greeting Iran's leader
Forget about his past as head of the KGB!
KGB leader
Forget about all his choices! He wears a crucifix and has Russian Orthodox Church support after all!

Yes, may God show him the Christian way, whether or not he follows.  May God grant him deserved fruits of his labor. May God provide Putin with an appropriate reward for his many many works.

If Vladimir Putin lived in USA, he would now qualify for Medicare.  


  1. That's more than I ever knew about Vladimir Putin.
    So Medicare kicks in at 65 over there?

    1. No, just here in USA. I think they have socialized medicine over there, altho one might need to wait days or more for help. State supports over 65, how well I don't know.

  2. Gotta love how such umm people use things to their advantage.

    1. Isn't media great. This all was from Wikipedia and is pretty dispassionate. Other sites looked far more favorably at Putin.

  3. In my heaven, where all spirits go, evil spirits are so shunned by the good that the evils are congregated and segregated in their own space. Confined by their wickedness, as it were, while other spirits go about wherever. So, Putin will have his days harangued and berated by the likes of Hussein and Hitler and etcetcetc. Pure madness, well deserved. Happy 65th, PutPut.

    1. The more I read in Wikipedia, the more amazed I was.

  4. If he has truly accepted Jesus, then God forgives him - and so should we. Not our place to judge.

    1. The key words are "IF" "Truly". "By their actions you shall know them" I hope he has accepted Christ and I don't judge him. That is God's duty and He sees into Putin's heart.

  5. Well written, Susan.
    I don't know what that man has against shirts.

    1. the weather must be really humid and hot in Russia.

  6. How do you spell stupid in Russian?

  7. He's very cagy and makes me very nervous.

    Hope you've had a productive day and pleasant evening, Susan.

    1. And to you as well. I really enjoyed your post, Sandra!

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