Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wisdom of the Dinosaur

Yesterday I held a sick child for almost the whole day.  ‘Sunshine’ had been sick with fever and vomiting the night before, and was staying home from kindergarten.  She lay across my lap while we rocked, and I caressed her face and hair.  In my grandma kingdom, this was a great day.

released in 2009
We watched a selection of Disney movies, starting with “Dinosaurs”.  We have watched this movie many times, but I have never been plastered in the chair by a five-year old with a fever of 101 degrees.

 Usually, Sunshine and I watch a movie, and she gives me a running commentary on the movie along with her own unique insights.  You would be amazed by the perspectives a kindergartner has about life and theology.

The plot is straight-forward:  a dinosaur egg miraculously escapes many brushes with crushing, ends up hatching in the tree occupied by a family of primates.  They adopt the adorable newly hatched dino and name him “Aladar”.  All goes well, happy times ensue, and Aladar (who is fortunately an herbivore) develops friendships and family. 

There are some universal truths conveyed in that movie.  Go with me on this:

Everyone needs to love and be loved.

Everyone needs to know they are not alone.

Everyone needs to make conscious decisions for good or evil.

Aladar, Neera, Suri, Yar, and Plio
Aladar and his love interest
Iguanodons and lemur friends
Normally mammals and dinosaurs are not close friends.
Everyone needs to be believed in and encouraged.

Everyone can change and grow.

Everyone has the potential to learn and the capacity to give to others.

Everyone must take chances, to make ‘a leap of faith’.

Everyone needs to trust and believe in something bigger than themselves, something they cannot see.

Okay, these are not a profound revelations.  I have never evaluated a movie for universal elements before, and I was struck by the way the movie displayed these characteristics. 

Then we watched “Night at the Museum (has a dinosaur)”, and “Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure (no dinosaur)”.  We both nodded off before Tinkerbell was able to repair the moonstone.  Dang.

This is a re-post of 2011 post.  We are preparing to go or may even be gone to Switzerland by this post.  I will be holding two grandsons by then, hopefully healthy boys.


  1. Safe travels!
    Haven't seen dinosaur although we've watched Night at the Museum several times. That's a lot of truths in one Disney film.

  2. Been a while since I watched that one. Hopefully your visit is grand!

  3. Dinosaur is such an amazing movie.

  4. I love kid's movies. They usually have a good message and they make me laugh and sometimes cry.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  5. Animated films have some pretty deep themes if you spend time analyzing them sometimes.

  6. Hi Susan - everyone needs to be encouraged = not put down ... have a fun time - cheers Hilary

  7. Sorry to hear sunshine was ill, but lovely to spend a whole day watching movies with her. Children see things in movies differently from us grownups and it's nice to see things through their eyes and learn different ways to see things.

  8. What a sweet post, it must be so wonderful to be a grandma. Have fun on your trip.

  9. Dear Susan, Sunshine is truly a gift to your family and holding her that day and watching the films was another gift. I hope you are enjoying your trip and your grandsons. Life is good. Peace.

  10. It sounds like your granddaughter loves dinosaurs! Enjoy your trip and your new grandchildren, they are such a joy, aren't they?

  11. A lovely re-post.
    Safe travels, have a wonderful time.

    All the best Jan

  12. Hi Susan - everyone needs to be encouraged = not put down ... have a fun time - cheers Hilary


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