Monday, November 21, 2016

Best of Radio, Pt. 2

no such number

Radio Host:  Okay, you’re on live.  How can Dr. Love help you?

Male voice:  Okay…I wrote this girl a letter…I gave it to the postman and he put it in his sack…

Dr. Love:  So he put the letter in his sack, and…?

Male voice:  (sobs) Bright and early next morning, he brought the letter back…

Dr. Love:  So, the letter was returned?

Male voice:  …she wrote upon it:  Return to sender...address unknown…(sniffles) no such such zone...(quiet sobs)

Dr. Love:  Did you had a quarrel?  A lover’s spat?

Male voice:  We had a quarrel...(unknown background noise)...yes, a lover's spat... I wrote “I’m sorry!” But my letter keeps coming back…(indistinct nose blowing).

Dr. Love:  So, the letter was returned....What did you do next?

Male Voice:  So then I dropped it in the mailbox, sent it special D (delivery)…

Dr. Love:  And the next morning…?

Male voiceIt came right back to me…RETURN TO SENDER…address such person such zone...

Dr. Love:  Same thing?  Address unknown?
Male voice:  ...and, ‘No such person…No such zone’! (soft crying)

Dr. Love:  What the heck?  What’ll you do next?

Male voice This time, I’m gonna take it myself!

Dr. Love:  And put it right in her hand?  Isn’t that stalking?  I mean, really?

Male voice:  …if it comes back the very next day, then I’ll understand the writing on it…(mysterious harmony background...ooooo...)

Dr. Love:  I think that is best.  Take a hint.  Move on, buddy.  Move on! Let that girl escape your sad obsession...and get some help...

Next Caller, line 2...something about "Your Cheatin' Heart" you're saying?...

"Best of Radio"...I wrote "Quintessential Radio" for April Bloghop 2013.  Combining Q-R, two notable singers, icons of their time, are featured.  You know them, and now you get to see how vulnerable they were, as the lyrics convey. Gotta love Ol' Blue Eyes and Elvis the Pelvis.


  1. That's one of my favorite Elvis songs. :-)

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    2. Stupid computer! There are many Elvis songs I love! I'll have to find some more and see if I can mess around with the lyrics.

  2. Don't have to wait on the mail to fail these days haha

    1. No, we sure don't. And we don't have to wait for texts to have all sorts of auto-correct, either.

  3. And now I've got another one stuck in my head for the day. Gee whiz.

    1. I hear you. Same here...She wrote upon it, over and over.

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  5. Proofreading is something I'm not good at...sorry for the deleted comment. It was merely because of a typo.

    It is great how you present wonderful songs as an interview. After all, each song does have a story. Well done.

    1. There are certain songs that lend themselves to this. I don't know if I will randomly find others. Thanks!

  6. Apparently this is now called ghosting...


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