Thursday, September 1, 2016

He strikes again.


PHOTO PROMPT © Luther Siler
He's back.
A brutal scene greeted Det. James.  Blood splattered everywhere, gruesome and dark.  But, there were no bodies. None. 

Det. James and Forensics scoured the house, gathering bits of evidence.  But, still there was nothing, no clues at all.  Packing up and walking out the door, Det. James was certain he had missed something.  But what?

Something from the patio caught his eyes.  Turning around, James saw the carcass of a bright yellow rooster.  Feathers littered the patio, a patch of yellow around the dead fowl.

Det. James shook his head.  “He’s back.  Rooster Man is back. Damn.”

This was posted in December 2015.  Had to be under 100 words.  Loved writing this.


  1. Those cocky roosters have gone and done it now, creating a monster.

    1. Roosters have always had the gift of violence, but never revealed it.

  2. Rooster Man....his middle name wouldn't be Samuel would it?

  3. This came on as a shocker for my early morning reading, but took a turn. Strange outcome with a unique twist.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Always to have something out of the ordinary with morning coffee.

  4. Rooster Man sounds ominous, wonder if Detective James can outsmart him this time.


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