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Sisters, Sisters...never were there such a pair of sisters...

sisters, sisters...
16 October 2014

Dear Martha,

Your letter pulled me from a pit of despair.  If ever there were awards for "Surviving Multiple Plethora of Childhood Illnesses", I would be inducted into the Hall of Matriarchal Fame.

The triplets have developed a chain of cursed plagues:  Influenza, chicken pox (despite the vaccine), strep throat, ear infections, and worms (?).

Is this God's thunderbolt of retribution for swearing during Mass?  Loudly swearing at Clarisse-the-She-Devil, the mistress of of insubordination?

As you know, my house was never a museum, but now a City Inspector would cover the house with "Condemned" yellow tape.

Must go. Alex-the-Spontaneous is vomiting on the cat. Christopher-the-Wild is smearing the vomit on the bathroom mirror.

Your sister,


Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio - Martha and Mary Magdalene - WGA04101.jpg
Source: Wikipedia
"May thanks to Delores at Under the Porch Light for providing the six words (above, underlined) with which to wrestle and write.  Delores is awesome and such a joy!" This was written some time ago, and since then Delores has had a falling out with her computer.  Other bloggers have jumped in to provide new words each week.  August words are being provided by Hannahbananaface for the month of August.

The underlined words were provided by Delores on October 14, 2014; that post is being re-posted.  We are moving, but it just doesn't feel right to not post,..


  1. Funny!
    I would never vomit on the cat though.

  2. lol the cat may hold a grudge after that

  3. Big smiles. And vomiting on the cat is dangerous. Vomiting on the dog a different matter.
    I hope your move is going as well as it can and you are not tooooo tired. Yes, I know, an impossible hope.

  4. Oh poor Mary! Triplets and all of them getting all their sick days over and done with at once.
    Reminds me of the chicken pox week here: two children with a few spots and a third with barely a centimetre of skin that wasn't spotted, then the middle one got mumps as well.
    Got the house all packed up yet?

  5. Triplets?!? Eeek! From what I hear, twins are hard enough.

  6. One fine fictional, I hope, creation.

    Have a wonderful evening.

    Thanks for coming by to visit.


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